Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Clarification

I need to clarify something I said earlier. I do not blame Michigan's economic woes on Governor Granholm any more than I blame them on her predecessor, John Engler, or on George W. Bush or Bill Clinton. Michigan's problems are far deeper than any one person can fix or cause, and go into the mindset of many of our citizens, excessive taxes and regulations, out of control unions, and a workforce that has had it too good for too long (not to mention cold winters).

But it is the governor's responsibility and finding someone else to blame is not taking that responsibility.

We need to be friendlier to businesses in both the political and social arenas. Unions need to learn that they need employers or they're out of business and that they need to be a little less greedy and a little less hostile to the people who provide their jobs. Michigan workers (and I am one of these!) need to improve their work ethic and reliability, and in many (but not all) cases, tempor their demands. Business owners need to remember that unemployed (or seriously underpaid) people don't buy their products or their client's products if they cater mostly to wealthy.

I believe that I should be making more than I am, but I also recognize the reality of my employer's situation, and I believe he is doing the best he can for us. That is the most I can demand of anyone.


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