Thursday, October 27, 2005

This is not important to most, but ...

This weekend begins the Michigan High School Athletic Association's football playoff's for the state championships. This started shortly after I graduated and I believe it is a good thing to depend on something other than the polls to determine who the best is, and the best have the right to prove it on the field of honor (the football field).

One of the most pathetic things about the NCAA is its stubborn refusal to do away with this misnamed Bowl Championship Series and have a real test to see who the best is. After the Bowl games end, we know who the top four teams are or at least we have a good idea. Let the top four teams have a playoff to be followed by a College Superbowl. Let the best team in college football prove it by beating the others on the field.

I know it's not earth-shatteringly important but I thought I'd say something.


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