Saturday, October 01, 2005

Try to Fool Me

I just recieved an E-mail from someone claiming to be Ebay saying I need to update my account "within the next 24 hours". I have never used Ebay nor have I ever opened an account with them. My first thought was Identity Theft so I went to Ebay's site and followed the instructions to report suspected fraud. I read that this is a common tactic for some people to get information on others, useful things like credit card numbers. The link that the E-mail included cannot be found so it looks like someone shut down the operation.


Blogger Skip said...

Hey..We use Ebay ALOT and we recieve many of these "Ebay Notices" probably as many as 3 a week we just keep reporting them to the ebay support and they check them out and shut it down just be careful tho one that we reported came back with an explanation that it was real. THEN we get an email from EBay saying it was not...some of them use EBay graphics and logos so JUST USE CAUTION

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