Monday, January 14, 2008

My Personal Room

These quizzes are fun and may result in some personal reflection, but should be taken with a bit of salt. In this one how you describe a room supposedly reveals a lot about you.

The following takes place in your imagination. As a very general description is given, what do you see and hear with your imagination?

You enter your own personal room in your mind.

As you enter the room you see a window.
What do you see through the window?

Actually I envision an evergreen forest with majestic mountains in the distance.

Not an option. I choose Lush Forest.

As you gaze out the window you hear music. Choose from the options below to describe your musical experience.

Actually I hear a violin playing A Time For Us in the distance.

Options. Classical
Outside the room

As you glance around the room you notice your pictures are missing. But don't panic this room is yours, and you can hang any pictures you want. Just pick the frame..

Actually I envision unframed, brightly colored blacklight posters.

Again not an option

I go with Media savvy wall art.

Deep in your soul you recognize the urge to clean up your space - to maintain the simple beauty of the Room, to throw out clutter and recycle that which may have a worthwhile second life. Choose a garbage can from the selection below:

I picture a grocery sack getting a second use as a trash bag.

not an option

I go with

Smaller receptacle for refuse which is both elegant and utilitarian

There is no ticking sound to be heard and yet you gradually become aware of a clock hanging on the wall. The minute hand moves forward dashing your hopes that time stands still in the Room.

The clock I see is a cabinet clock with a swinging pendulum.

Again not an option.

I have to choose

I settle for Well-travelled and exotic, yet childlike

What does all of this mean.

See further down.

The Room is your personal world. The window represents your attitude or outlook on life. The music is your lover, or woeful lack thereof. The pictures are your friends and family, sparse or numerous as you have specified. The garbage can holds your life's problems. And the clock, your future, ticking inexorably away.


The point by point meanings that are given do not seem to really reflect me, probably because the options offered in the multiple choice format are inadequate.

I have taken quizzes like this before and they are usually pretty truthful.

They shouldn't have made it multiple choice as none of my answers were what I really saw and heard.


Blogger Gayle said...

Actually, most of it worked very well for me, except for the clock. They didn't give me the option of an antique clock, and so the analysis was wrong. The rest of it was right on target, but you're right. They shouldn't have made it multiple choice, or, if they had to do that, then they should have given more options.

7:09 PM  
Blogger jgf said...

More options would have really helped. I picked a blue sky, but I saw the surf coming onto a sandy beach. Classical was close, but again not the ballads I was hearing in my head. As for the clock...

1:54 AM  

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