Wednesday, January 18, 2006

One Thumb Up, One Thumb Down

I have to give this prevention project a 50/50, good/bad review. The idea is to give women who are on drugs money if a doctor confirms that they are using a contraceptive. It has to be one like Norplant or some other doctor administered contraceptive.

I have to applaud the effort to prevent crack babies from being conceived, but I have to wonder if it is a good idea to pay people to be responsible. Can that lead to irresponsible people demanding payment for other things to make them responsible? Will they insist on this as another way to demand bribes to do the right thing?

"Pay me 50 bucks and I won't sleep in the hallway of your apartment building this week." or some such thing.

Of course the left is complaining about it for other reasons. It targets poor and minority women and removes the element of choice from giving birth. They call it coercion. Since when is offering a bribe coercion? Does that mean the lobbyists should be imprisoned for coercing our Congressmen, making those who take the bribe the victim?


Blogger ABFreedom said...

The next step would be to give them free crack to keep them dependant, rack in the cash, and justify positions. Vancouver does this, and it's a dismal failure, but it sure keeps a hell of a lot of support staff employed. It's to simple to just get really tough on the drug problem.

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