Sunday, June 11, 2006

This is NOT Bad News

The LA Times (registration req.) seems to think that the people of Europe are seriously messing up. They are letting their precious European Union falter.

The article states
On a continent that dreamed of eliminating national borders, hostility toward immigrants — especially those from Muslim countries — is causing national boundaries to spring back to life. In short, political life across Europe is being renationalized, plunging the enterprise of European integration into its most serious crisis since World War II.

Europeans would not be the only losers if the EU continues to stumble. Americans might have to confront the return of national jealousies to Europe, as well as an EU that is too weak to provide the United States the economic and strategic partner it needs.

The EU has been a really terrific strategic partner so far now hasn't it. I also note that the writer is quite concerned about hostility toward Muslim immigrants.

Four good reasons are given for the possible failure of the EU and all four of them are quite legit. (A clash between the welfare states and the free-market states, fear of Islam, return of populist politics, and no great leaders.) Sadly I have to agree with the anti-EU people on every one of these. The possible demise of the EU is not bad news.

In theory I have no problem with a European Federation, in fact it would be a good thing if it was done right. The EU that is being offered is not a good idea; to much power resides in unelected bureaucrats and NGOs. A better way to do it would be a simple federation where the military and economy are integrated but the member nations are still sovereign over most of their affairs, guided by an assembly elected by the voters of the various nations that is ultimately accountable to the people and not the elites who control the current EU organization.

Of course it is none of my business because I don't live there, but that does not keep me from having an opinion.

If you do not wish to register for the LA Times, a partial text can be read here (in fact it is the entire article but a secondary source.).

H/T Eurabia.


Blogger Crazy Politico said...

The end of the EU was evident by the failure of their (bloated) constitution last year.

Even before that though, the constant wrangling over different economic subsidies amongst the countries has caused havok.

I dont' think it's demise from it's current form is a bad thing either.

10:16 PM  
Blogger ABFreedom said...

The sooner it collapses, the sooner some of the people might face reality.

12:48 AM  
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