Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Prosperous Mexico?

One of the things that really annoy me is the nations that think America is too rich and too powerful and got that way by stealing their wealth and power. It's part of the mentality that there is only so much wealth on the planet and it is all a matter of redistribution. For their country to rise America must fall.

Horse Hokey Col. Sherman Potter 4077th MASH

I suppose that somewhere there is a limit to the amount of wealth that can be generated on earth but we have not begun to reach that limit.

Impoverishing America will bring even greater poverty to the rest of the world. Bringing down America would not put a single orange in a single stall in a 3rd World Market but will result in even more poverty for these nations.. Countries need to generate their own wealth and they can. A prosperous nation is possible but it can't be achieved by complaining about or undermining the wealth of others. Leaders who hate America do not care about their own people but simply want to dominate either the world or the region and would rather reign supreme over the destitute and enslaved than simply govern the prosperous and free.

There are hopeful signs in Mexico. As the people of Mexico have more money it means that more people there will buy goods resulting in even greater wealth. Adam Smith all over again. This article is perhaps a little overly optimistic but it is good news. A rich, prosperous Mexico would be a much better neighbor and friend than a poor and jealous Mexico. The best thing is that if they generate their own wealth, they won't be so anxious for ours.


Blogger benning said...

I wish Mexico would become economically forward and prosperous. However they still have a very corrupt government and the Latin American penchant for Leftist dictatorships that do not bode well for Mexico. I don't think they can keep their own people home, no matter what.

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