Saturday, November 05, 2005

France Needs a Lion King

The Lion King is one of my favorite Disney movies, though I think it is a little misleading. The African names (Simba, Mufasa) etc. are easily mistaken for Muslim names but I believe they are actually tribal African, though I could be mistaken. The validity of what I am about to say does not change if I am wrong as names are often just names.

The current state of the France reminds me of the Pridelands under Scar. He allowed the Hyenas in to bring about prosperity in the Pridelands and they proceeded to destroy it, much as modern France brought in Muslim guest workers and some of them are now in the process of trying to destroy their host country. I do not doubt that many Moslems are horrified at what these rioters are doing and they too are victims of the rioters and should be treated as such.

Centuries ago, France was threatened by Islam and a great king, Charlemagne, possibly the greatest Frenchmen ever (though he called himself a Frank) rose up, challenged and defeated the Islamic invaders and was instrumental in setting up what allowed them to also be driven out of Spain.

Modern France seems to have forgotten Charlemagne or even worse, is embarrassed of him. Like Simba, with his attitude of Hakuna Matata (Don't Worry), they are living a life of relaxed leisure while their homeland is being destroyed. As Simba had to be reminded of his father and who he was, and who Simba truly is, the French people need to remember Charlemagne (who was once considered the Father of France) and to remember who they are. These rioters are seeking to destroy France and the people of France must come to the same conclusion that Simba did.

"This is my home and if I don't fight for it who will?"

France needs a Lion King

Update 9:50 AM: Yahoo news has a very good article on the extent of the problem but fails to emphasize that the rioters are exclusively Muslims.

Update 10:30 AM: The Religious Policeman Blog, a blog by a freedom loving moderate Moslem, says that the young men whose deaths touched off the rioting were in fact car thieves. This is the first I have heard of that. Previous reports said they had been playing soccer.

Update 6:30 PM: Depending on memory, rather than double checking my facts, I made an error. It was Charles Martel, The Grandfather of Charlemagne that defeated the Moslems at the Battle of Tours in A. D. 732. Part of the problem was confusion in the Song of Roland, which is semi-historical and I read it a number of years ago, and being poorly remembered lead me to believe that it was Charlemagne who stopped their expansion into Europe. Nonetheless, I must accept that I made and posted an error, and for that I apologize. I still believe that the heart of this posting, France must remember its roots and who the French people once were, and who they can be again, is still valid. France still needs a Lion King.


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