Thursday, November 24, 2005

I Grew Up -- Will They?

When I was a high school student, more years ago then I care to admitt, I saw the United Nations as a good thing and the first step to world-wide democracy. (Oh, the ignorance of youth) I considered those who saw the UN as a bunch of commies to be exaggerating and that the corruption was a growing pain like America went through at first. The years have taken care of this illusion.

The source of the biggest problem with the UN was at its founding depending on victory in WWII rather than development and maturity of democratic institutions. It should have been a little more selective and had two chambers: a lower chamber for all members and an upper chamber where only mature democracies had a voice. When the organization with the size and scope of the UN is controlled by petty dictatorships nothing is going to be accomplished. The sole purpose of the UN seems to be restraining and financially draining America and democracy. Oh it passes all the right proclamations (usually - there are some real crazy ones too) and often says the right things, but when it comes to doing the right thing America and other mature nations wind up carrying the bag by themselves.

American Ambassador to the UN John Bolton is the best thing to happen to that outfit in years. He has suggested that the US withold its dues until the UN makes serious reforms. While this is a good thing to do, I think it is insufficient. I believe that the US and the mature democracies of the world should withdraw from the UN completely and start another organization based solely on democratic nations, with the stated goal of spreading democracy throughout the world and if a member nation goes from democracy to dictatorship, it loses its vote. It would have two rounds of voting: one for all members and one for mature democracies. Maturity would include age of the democracy, peaceful transfer of power a couple of times, and civil rights enforcement.

Secondly I propose an amendment to the US Constitution forbidding Congress or the Presidency from transferring US sovereignty to a multi-national organization without going through a process identical to amending the constitution.


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