Friday, November 18, 2005

Afraid of a Christian "Conspiracy"

Abraham Foxman of the Anti-defamation League is worried. About Moslems burning synagogues in France? -- Nope. Is he worried about terrorist attacks against Israel?-- Nope. Is he worried about growing Anti-Semitism in Europe -- Nope. I am very concerned about these things but Mr. Foxman has a much greater concern.

His biggest concern, according to this excellent article by Don Feder, who is Jewish by the way, is that the Christian Right is taking over America. Mr Feder feels that this concern is misplaced, as all of the complaints Mr. Foxman has about the Christian Right, find their origins in the Old Testament, or the Torah, so that they are in fact, of Jewish in origin. Restricting abortion, limiting marriage to male and female couples, or the public acknowledgement of God are all concepts precious to practicing Jews and Jews are far more threatened by Secular Fundamentalists and their political allies, Militant Islam than they are by Christians.

The so-called religious right is not about dogma, but about morality, responsibility and values, and we share these with practicing, faithful Jews. Everything that the Religious Right cares about is also a Jewish issue. While we may not agree on the person and work of Jesus, we do agree on most moral issues, so we can and should stand shoulder to shoulder with these Children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob on these issues.

Update Nov 19 12: 54 PM. The American Thinker has a similar article written about civic reactions to Christmas.


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