Saturday, November 12, 2005

A Visit to La-La-Land

From time to time curiosity drives me to go to strange places on the net, like the home page of CPUSA, the American Communist Party. I really don't know what possessed me to go there, but go there I did. Where I really ran into suprises was their FAQ page. Here are some eye openers I read.

Are there any trade unions affiliated with the CPUSA?

There are a number of important unions with a long tradition of left wing and Communist leadership. But, no there is not any mechanism for affiliation, unlike in some European countries, and unions in this country are intentionally not affiliated to any political parties.

Unions are NOT affiliated to any political parties!?!

I beg to differ!!!

I give dues to the extortion arm of the Democratic Party (aka the UAW) every month.

Here's another beauty from the FAQ page.

And under socialism productive capacity will not yet have developed to a level that will provide for all the basic needs of all the people. We will still be "sharing scarcity".

In other words, they admitt that poverty is universal under socialism, though they would deny that's what it means. I've believed that since the early 80s.

Oh! and take a look at this!

We think that a socialist government could be elected under our current political structure, and that if the capitalist class can be restrained sufficiently, that transformation could be peaceful. That is what we want, what we work for. But in most revolutions, the source of the violence is the actions of the established order, which resorts to civil war or violent repression to prevent a peaceful revolution.

Just what do they mean "if the capitalist class can be restrained sufficiently"? (I know what they mean but I don't think they want to acknowledge it.) Equally absurd is the idea that resisting a change causes the violence. In other words the violence is our fault, even if they start it, because we resisted.

I hate to say this, but I am part of the working class, and having seen what these idiots have done in other countries, I have to say "NO THANK YOU!"


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