Monday, November 28, 2005

It's a Nice Idea, But is it Sustainable?

In today's Lansing State Journal there in an article about a laid-off GM worker who is depending on the JOBS bank to live and working as a volunteer in the Eaton Rapids schools to earn it. He does a lot of good things and seems to have truly become part of the school. Unfortunately, the JOBS bank is in danger of being shut down because GM really cannot afford it.

He seems like a truly decent guy and does not deserve to be unemployed. However this is the real world and GM may not be able support this truly worthwhile program much longer. It is unfortunate, but reality trumps idealism. If GM needs to drop the JOBS program to survive than it must; if GM cannot survive then obviously, neither can the JOBS program that depends on GM profits to exist. The survival of the company must come first.

I hope he does get called back to the new Delta Township Assembly plant.


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