Monday, December 12, 2005

America Really Mustn't Be That Bad

To hear the pundits talk, America is the worst place in the world to live. If that is so, then how do you explain the fact that 35.2 million people (just under 1/8 of the population), counting both legal and illegal immigration, born outside the USA live in the United States. I don't hear of people trying to move to Cuba, Venezuela, or North Korea; if leftist ideology creates the best places to live, why aren't people rushing to get there.

They don't! They come to America. Like that old Neil Diamond song.

Read this in USA Today to see statistics and implications.

A few do go to Canada, but that is very much a two way street. I would like to see the ratio of people coming to America vs people leaving America. I have done a half-hearted search, and have found some things on American expatriates, this page being the best I have seen. What strikes me is how many of the people who leave America are either artists or involved in the arts.


Blogger armed_and_christian said...

And you know, I'm OK with these "artsy" types moving to our Neighbor Up North. Heck, these are probably the rest of the Libs who passed the "Anti-Hate Speech" legisation in Canada, as well as their stellar (not) gun-control laws.

I recall a number of liberal Hollywood types who swore up and down that they were moving to Canada if Bush won his 2nd term. Oddly enough, when last I checked, Alec Baldwin, Tim (pukeface) Robbins, Susan (Janet--slut!) Sarandon, and their buddies were still living here in the old US of A. Hmmm. What is it that changed their minds? Could it be *gasp* that AmeriKKKa isn't all that bad? I was really looking forward to them moving out so that the National IQ average would raise a few dozen points.

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