Sunday, December 11, 2005

He's Fighting Back

I would have to give President Bush a mixed review with some really great things and some real boneheads. That having been said, he is infinitely better than anything the Democrats have to offer.

And an increasing number of Americans seem to agree. USA Today reports that his numbers have risen by a noticeable margin (5%) while his negatives have declined by the same number.

I think the numbers would considerably better if he didn't have constant harrassment from the MSM who seem to think that only a liberal has any business in the government. The press has many people convinced we are losing in Iraq when in fact we are winning. Even though Michigan, where I live, is still an economic mess, the nation as a whole is fast-approaching prosperity.

What has changed is that Bush is finally answering his critics and making an effort to sell his ideas and vision to America. And it seems that at least some Americans are listening.

I think the momentum the Democrats had a few weeks ago is now lost.


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