Thursday, February 02, 2006

Good for a Laugh (2)

If this guy had died doing something this dumb he would have qualified for a Darwin Award. A Utah man actually called the police to complain that someone had stolen his marijuana. Then he did something even dumber. Read the story.

When I was a Burger King manager I had an employee who was 16 yrs old and out cruising with some friends. They went to an isolated gas station/convencience store to get cigarettes (which in itself is illegal) and while they were there they decided, on the spur of the moment, to rob the place. They drove away with their loot and after they had gone several miles they realized they had forgotten to get the cigarettes so they WENT BACK to buy them. They went into the store while the county sheriff's deputies were there investigating. Needless to say, we had to find an employee to replace him.


Blogger ABFreedom said...

LOL .... both great examples of the height of stupidity some people can reach ... unbelievable.. We have a lot of that up here as well, I can just never remember them...

11:24 PM  
Blogger jgf said...

Now, THAT, is really stupid...

1:16 PM  
Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox said...

It is scary how dumb some people are. Although drugs kill off brain cells everytime you do them so I guess maybe he's already smoked a little too much of his product :-).

9:05 PM  
Blogger armed_and_christian said...

I am dating myself by mentionin this, but do you remember those old PSA's? "Why do you think they call it 'dope'?"

10:11 AM  
Blogger Rebekah said...

LOL, that reminds me of some guys who burned down an old church and then turned themselves in to get the reward money! Some people just need a sign that says "stupid". Of course, with some it's already painfully obvious! :):)

4:28 PM  

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