Monday, June 12, 2006

An Anti-Pedophile Blog

Bushwack's blog has connected to an blog dedicated to exposing and fighting the agenda of pedophiles. It is worth a visit and a read.

Some of the comments from the pedophiles is stunning but I went to the blog of one who admits he is struggling with what he admits is abnormal, but in the end he tries to justify it.

In the last few years I have seen movies where sibling incest is given a sympathetic treatment as well ... most notably The Royal Tennenbaums. (In the Very Brady Sequel sexual tension between Gregg and Marcia Brady boils over but it is played for laughs; I'm not sure if I would consider that another example or not.) First we wink at sex outside of marriage, then gay sex, now is it going to be incest and pedophiles. I certainly hope not.


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