Monday, August 14, 2006

No Winners.

It looks like both sides are claiming a degree of victory in the recent Israeli-Hezzie war. My response to both is unprintable.

The Hezzies can only declare victory because their victory-threshold is very, very, very low -- they still exist in southern Lebanon. All they had to do to win, by their definition of the word, was survive. However they are in very bad shape and have been hurt much worse than they care to admit. They have also suffered, again they refuse to acknowledge it, a serious PR defeat as many who were once sympathetic to them now recognize that they are nothing but blood-thirsty killers.

Israel is, over the long run, still in pretty good shape. They did much more damage to the Hezzies than the Hezzies did to them. They too are claiming victory but they failed to finish off the enemy when they could have and should have.

All that is happened is a breather for both sides to do again. There was no decisive victory for either side. This is going to continue.

Very possibly with a new Israeli leader.


Blogger Lone Pony said...

What was that the "Hezzies" lol leader said...I can call a cease fire, but my men will still fight. Huh? I really wish they had totally messed them up for good. So, it will continue. sigh

7:09 AM  

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