Friday, April 27, 2007

I Hope They're Proud

Right now I am so angry I could spit tacks.

Just read this.

I hope the Democrats are proud of themselves.

The most sickening thing of all is that they probably are.

The GOP worked with the Democrats to defeat Hitler because in those more civilized days "Politics ended at the water's edge." It is no longer true and today the enemies of America, who have sworn to destroy us because we are not Muslims, are cheering for the Democrats because they would surrender. Their quest for power and their demonic hatred for Conservatives, has blinded them to the real danger. They lie to themselves constantly, saying that Bush and the Neo-cons are the real enemies. Idiots. Perhaps they'll take it seriously when they are whipped for drinking a glass of wine or eating a pork chop, or when they are beheaded for daring to expose Mohammad for the liar that he was.

No! No! No!

They think that the real enemy is here in America and it is us.


They are too damned stupid to see a big difference between this and Vietnam. The Vietcong did not follow our soldiers home to start killing us; the Jihadis will. If we had never invaded Iraq they would be coming here to kill us. The plans for the Jihad against the entire non-Islamic world were being laid over 20 years ago and 9-11 was planned in the late 90s. Letting them win would be a tragedy for America and world but they. . .

This is World War III. There is no sense in denying it. And those idiots in that debate were clamoring for the honor of playing the role of Neville Chamberlain.

Bush is not Churchill and we need a Churchill.

Where is he?

I am so angry I can't believe it. I need to calm down and see what we can do to keep these idiots out of power - - for the sake of America and Western Civilization.

but, since we are not supposed to refer to the GWOT or the "War on Terror" as it has been declared politically incorrect, I suggest we properly call it World War III.


Blogger ABFreedom said...

You got it... World War III it is... The only thing that will get their attention is the head of a Democrat rolling down the entry of the Whitehouse.

Talk about giving power to the enemy ... sheeeeesh

10:16 PM  
Blogger Gayle said...

Great rant, Shoprat! We all need to do that once in awhile. Thankfully we have the internet for venting.

The asshats can declare it politically incorrect, but it is what it is, and it is a war on terror whether they want to admit it or not. What really is politically incorrect are these political idiots spouting their traitorous drivel.

10:17 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

"They lie to themselves constantly, saying that Bush and the Neo-cons are the real enemies"

Sounds like some conservatives think that the to use the words of others who comment here, "Lie-berals", "Moonbats", "Asshats", "Demonrats" etc. I guess I'd think that people who call me that must not like me very much, and probably hate me, so, yeah, they must be the enemy.

Why don't we invade Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Pakistan, Indonesia, Somalia, Sudan, Turkey, and Albania, too? Would that make you Muslim haters happy? If this is WW3, why don't we act like it and send enough troops in there to win? This bunch of Republican'ts running things can't even clean up after a hurricane, let alone win a war (which was started because "they tried to kill my daddy"). Notice that I do NOT hear the Dems calling for us to leave Afgahnistan, which we could still win, and is the place where our real enemy came from.

Let us also remember that our "Allies" Pakistan (a very unstable, whackjob nation with nukes, whose govt. actively encourages it's citizens to hate us), and Saudi Arabia (where 15 of the 19 highjackers and Osama Bin Laden hail from) are our "friends". To use your WW2 anthology, it would be as if we supported Germany and Japan and attacked Russia. So please, don't try to tell me that Iraq had anything to do with GWOT until we went in there. It's all about oil and Bush and Cheney making money for their buddies in Houston.

Is that what you really want? to take over every Muslim nation and tell them to convert to Chrisianity or die by the sword?

70% of this country is the "real enemy" of you true believers.

Look SR, I really like you and am not your enemy. In fact, I'm not even a liberal, but this war is none of those things that you say, it's a fullfillment of a personal vendetta that goes back to the first Gulf War. There will never be Muslim religious police in America killing us for eating pork of wearing a bikini. Jeez! what a bunch of malarkey! And we were not in Iraq when the towers went down, either. If you really want to go after the terrorists, you need to go after the Saudis, Pakistanis, and Iranians. They are the real enemy. Of course, that will never happen as long as we need oil. You are a smart guy, I can't believe you can't see through this Neo-Con lie that they use to minipulate the party faithful.

3:00 PM  
Blogger Lone Pony said...

You're correct Shoprat. This is infuriating!

I feel helpless and hopeless. They've already forgotten what happened on 911.

They don't realize how deluded they are. I see it as evil.

5:12 PM  
Blogger shoprat said...

I really wish you were right, because it would be so much easier and so much more pleasant if this would just go away, if we could just wake up tomorrow and it was all a bad dream, but it's not. I know you mean well, but you, and perhaps a good chunk of the country are badly mistaken. I'm afraid that too many Americans won't realize what is really going on until they start terrorizing and murdering the innocent here in America. I do not think they will successfully set up Sharia law in America, but they WILL try and will try to do so violently. The worst victims will be Muslims who came to America to get away from Sharia whose Jihadist brethren have betrayed them. I wish you were right, but you're not and at the moment reality is the nightmare.

7:44 PM  
Blogger Steven said...

They think their going to get votes for doing this, if they thought they would get more votes for supporting the war, they'd support it. demorats are have no moral compass, with the exception of Joe Lieberman, only a lust for power. Yes WW III would be appropriate.

2:29 AM  
Anonymous Al Czervic said...

Right on Brother Shoprat. We should all be so enraged. And to the Socialista Shill who posted above, Bush is still the Prez for the next 24 months.

Get used to it.

And get used to the idea of President John McCain.


Al Czervic
The Catskill Commentator

11:59 AM  
Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Ditto Lone Pony's comments!! Shoprat, I feel your pain. I'm going to use mine to start making phone calls to DC on Monday.

3:54 PM  
Blogger pete in Midland said...

imagine someone who believes Congress voted to have Bush fulfil his CinC duties because they wanted to allow him to take out some guy who threatened his daddy ... calling "us" delusional.
Dear moonbat Tim, I'm not a muslim hater at all ... hate is an emotion that seems to be very left of center.
What I am is a realist who sees that those who are true believers of some "religion" preached by a child molesting despot 1500 years ago have a goal of subjugating the entire planet, and killing anyone who doesn't like that plan. They are very scary folks because, unlike any enemies we've had before, they are perfectly willing to have their entire base wiped out (as they worship death) rather than moving an inch forward of their 5th century beliefs.
By the way, you make it hard for people to believe you are not more dangerous to the US than Saudi's with planes. Imagine still believing, in the face of all the evidence, that this is a war fo roil; that Iraq was not funding terrorism; that the whole "war" is sumply to make Halliburton money. If you actually believe that crap, I would urge you to PLEASE start taking your lithium again.

9:43 AM  
Blogger Tim said...

Dear Pete in Muddlebrain Land-
Why don't you take your fascist, intolerant, Naziass self back to Canada and turn that country into your idea of rightwing heaven? I'll say that it is probably because they would not take your ignorant, inbred ass back for a million dollars! Yes, you are a hatemongering ass, whether you except it or not. I think zoloft would do you a world of good.
SR- I noticed that you did not address any of the points I brought up. You are hewing to the party line.
If this is a struggle for our very existance, why isn't Ford turning out thousands of tanks, planes, and rifles? Why does W. tell us to "go shop" instead of buying war bonds? I'll tell you why: this whole thing is BS.
McCain for president? Who do you idiots think I voted for in the 2000 primary? Yes, McCain! Maybe if he were running things we really would have won by now. W. is incapable of getting anything done sucessfully.
You think I want to lose this war? It took you idiots getting your ass handed to you in the election to even admit there is a problem there. I'd love us to win, but W. and co. can't run a lemonade stand let alone a war of a hurricane cleanup. My God, when will you guys start passing out the grape kool-aid? Yes, I'd probably vote for McCain if he said "look, we need an other 300,000 troops in there and I'm going to send them". Petey-Ignoring that we are losing is not a strategy for winning, you asstard! The studipity here is boggling to the mind! Pete, have you ever served in uniform? Bet that's a no! F@ck off, you idiot who cares so much about public life in America that you won't become a citizen! Until you do why don't you STFU!
For those of you how think I'm a "moonbat", well, I think you better take a good look at what the rest of your "enemy" counrtymen are going to do in 08 if this keeps dragging on with no end in sight and things get worse by the day. Please at least admit that Bush's strategy is not working and call for a get tough change. If you want to call Washington and bitch, great! Call the White House and bitch about the crappy job the Idiot in Chief is doing!We are there, so if we want to win 20,000 more troops won't do it. We need a lot more troops and a stop to this coddling of the "elected Iraqi Govt.". Call for Bush to get his head out of his ass and do what it takes to win and I'll be on your side. Stay the course and I'll vote Democrat, because this is NOT WORKING!

SR_ I apologize for going off, but Petey Canuck strated the whole name calling thing. I'd like to see him say this s#$t to my face, because he'd be talking out the other side of his mouth if he did!

Al- We agree more than you think: I am not some socialista shill. If you knew me, you would not say what you did. At least you have the courage to post your name in full and not hide like F@^ktard Petey.

7:28 PM  
Blogger shoprat said...

A) Even the GOP, for purely political reasons, is downplaying what is really going on. That is why I said we need a Churchill, which Bush is not, though he is the far lesser evil against anything the Democrats are offering. Their refusal to acknowledge what is really going on, a war against militant Islam is a good part of what cost them in 06.

B) We are not building tanks for the same reason we are not making cavalry lances, shields, and barding for horses. War has changed since WWII and tanks, bombers etc are of limited use against a foe that hides amongst and targets primarily civilians. Those weapons were made for wars with clear battlelines, which this war unfortunately does not have. This is a new kind of war which requires new thinking and new tactics.

Unfortunately, to win this war, we may need to do some things we don't want to do and that requires political courage that is missing from both parties.

Just listen to what the Jihadists are saying when they think we're not listening if you doubt that we are in a war for our cultural survival.

BTW The reason I do not use my real name is because there are three other men in my county, who have the same first and last name as I do and none of them are related to me. Sadly I do not have a monopoly on my name and it could unfair to some of them, especially the father-son pair (Jr & Sr) who own a business and I could conceivably hurt them if my name was used and I upset a potential customer of theirs. (The third one is a drunken loser who has all his medical bills sent to me.) Not to mention, once in the Navy I mistakenly got orders that were meant for another guy with the same first and last name as I have (I was bewildered until I noticed the SSN and middle initial were both wrong.

8:14 PM  

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