Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Committee of Committees Creating More Committees

As I have said on numerous occasions, regardless of what is or is not happening in the rest of America, Michigan's economy spinning around the drain and headed down. There is no question this is happening and one of the hardest hit areas is Detroit, once one of the great cities of America, but now a microcosm of corruption, inefficiency and quasi-socialism gone to seed.

But never fear.

A blue ribbon committee made of members of other committees have met and drawn up an eleven point road-map for Michigan's glorious future. While it has a couple of good things, largely it's creating more committees.

Let's see.

1. Creating a Mobility Innovation Center to leverage the region's existing automotive technology capabilities. What's left of it perhaps? How are they going to leverage it?

Developing an aerotropolis in the area surrounding Detroit Metro and Willow Run airports. It seems that these already exist to some degree. These things will serve people coming to Detroit but will not help if no one's coming.

3. Developing a "Creative Map" of the region's assets in music, film, fashion and the arts. That would be nice for the people already here, but how will that draw new business? People rarely build a factory or research center where they do because there is lovely art museum across the street from them.

Establishing a Creative Corridor on Woodward Avenue that acts as a catalyst to attract and retain talent. Ah yes. If you build it they will come. Where have I heard that before?

I could go on and on over all 11 points, and to be sure a couple of them are valid but this is not going to fix Michigan. Bill Ford, chairman of the Ford Motor Company, sits on that committee, and he of all people should know better. He deals daily with business people and he knows exactly why they are not investing in Michigan. It's our work ethic, our over-regulation, and our taxes. A committee is not going to turn this state around. It will require that we create a business environment in which businesses can function and make a profit in a manner competitive with other states and countries.

But it's easier to create committees that meet, talk, plan, and actually do very little.


Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Those generally in charge of most cities or states do not understand the relationship between regulation, taxes, businesses and the consuming public.


9:00 AM  
Blogger Gayle said...

Perhaps these committee members need to take a course in basic economics, Shoprat. Like BZ said, I don't thing they get it. How many tourists choose to visit a place for it's film, fashion, arts or music industry, with the exception of Nashville and Hollyweird, of course. I doubt Michigan is going to be able to create another Nashville, and I pray to the good Lord above it doesn't create another Hollyweird, unless it's a conservative one. Now that I'd be very enthusiastic about and would probably even visit. :)

10:01 AM  
Blogger Gayle said...

PS: Because of what the so-called "arts" have deteriorated to, I left it out on purpose.

10:02 AM  
Blogger Jay said...

What will save Michigan? My 2 point plan includes tossing out the restrictive regulations and lopping off the high taxes.

Committees just spew junk to feel like they are actually doing something about a problem.

3:35 PM  

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