Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Love" That Destroys & Love That Heals

I was at YouTube looking for specific scene from the old soap Dark Shadows which I wanted for illustrative purposes. While there was a lot of stuff from the series, the scene I was looking for wasn't there. However I found a couple of musical videos posted by different people that were similar and yet very different portraying two very different women who each had a very different "love" for the vampire protagonist, Barnabas Collins.

Angelique was a witch who loved Barnabas and when he spurned her all Hell broke loose. She destroyed his family, ruined the lives of other people he cared about and in the end turned him into a vampire. Her love was childish and selfish, not worthy of being called love. (Keep in mind that Soap Operas in the late 60s didn't have a lot money to spend on special effects.)

There was another woman, named Julia Hoffman who was a psychiatrist. She figured out that Barnabas was a vampire, yet she still fell in love with him. While she never said it that I remember, it was pretty obvious that she did. Unlike Angelique's "love", Dr. Hoffman's love was selfless and she reached underneath the vampire and found the man he once was and ultimately led him to reclaim his own soul from the curse of vampirism.

Now neither love was perfect, and Dark Shadows was hardly a gospel show, yet I must ask which love came closest to I Corinthians 13? And our own loves, do we love as the witch Angelique, or do we love Dr. Hoffman did? One destroys and the other heals and gives life.


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