Tuesday, September 02, 2008

GO Kwame GO!

As far away as possible.

While the country watches national interests, Michigan's eyes are turned to its own political drama as the Mayor of our largest city continues to try and keep his job in spite of an ongoing criminal investigation.

Today a judge allowed the hearings that will very likely lead to Mayor Kilpatrick's removal from office to proceed. I agree with the practical outcome but I still believe that the court should have stated that it had no authority over this, thus recognizing the limits of judicial authority. The courts can, and should, make sure the proceedings are properly and fairly carried out, but should not try to prevent them entirely. Fortunately the courts have decided to allow the hearings to proceed - - for now. That could well change at any time.

He apparently has made a few major concessions that could lead to a settlement, but one thing he is insisting on and not getting is that he will not spend any more time behind bars. Several powerful people feel that he needs to spend some time locked up and if this impasse is settled there may be an agreement. It appears that Jail/Prison time is the hold up to a settlement. I guess he has accepted, on some level, the fact t that he is going to lose his office and his law license.

What annoyed me was this line.

"There's going to be appeals," said Curt A. Benson, a law professor at Thomas Cooley School of Law. "That's the way the game is being played."

The game?!?

That's part of whats going wrong is politics being treated like a game. The lives of close to a million people depend to some degree on the Mayor of Detroit and the city is facing several grave problems. It doesn't have time to waste on politicians who view politics as a mere game.


Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Of course it's a game. I learned years ago that, in open court, the law is naught but Grand Theatre and who can produce the Greatest Spectacle. "Truth" and "justice"? To be delivered most anywhere SAVE an American courtroom where money is concerned.


11:40 PM  

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