Monday, November 28, 2005

Always Been A Pet Peeve of Mine

Crazy Politico had a posting recently about how people treat restaurant employees. It includes a link to a place called The Bitter Waitress which is basically a place where restaurant employees share horror stories about customers.

I used to be management for Burger King and nothing annoyed me worse than seeing some customer climb all over an employee over nothing. Many times I had to emotionally rescue a poor high school kid (getting minimum wage - not by my choice but the owners) who had just been raked over the coals because someone found they could bully her. The kid behind the cash register does not decide policies or set the prices; if you have complaints about these contact corporate headquarters and don't take it out on a 16 year old kid making minimum wage. If a mistake was made, ask for a correction but be decent about it. (how do you want to be treated when you make a mistake at work? - God, and management, knows I've made a few.)

I once actually had the police called on me because I refused to fire a 20 year old guy who put too much mayo on a whopper. (The police gave the customer a stern lecture about wasting their time.)

Being single I eat in restaurants a lot and most of the waitresses are decent ladies who really try. Sure they make mistakes but who's perfect? If something's wrong I politely point it out and they usually fix it promptly. (Now I have run into some truly bad ones but they usually don't last). There is no need ruin somebody else's day just because you can. I know one person who feels that because they pay for the food they have the "right" to demand perfection; that's fine but you can be courteous about it. It sickens me to see a waitress being driven to tears because somebody feels like being nasty.

How you treat those who are in your power or are serving you says a lot about who you really are. For those who are Christian and like to go to restaurants after church, it's obvious who you are and how you treat these people reflects on our Lord, and remember He said that what we have done to the least of these, we have done to Him.


Blogger Lone Pony said...

I used to be a waitress and most of the time, I was treated very well. I make it a practice to be a good tipper now because I've been in their shoes.

7:13 PM  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

When I got found the post at Satu's blog I was pretty amazed about the tip, especially after her "back story" on it.

However, it's not that uncommon, unfortunately. Both of my parents families were big in the restaurant business 20 years ago, and that stuff happened all the time.

My mom used to complain about the 'regulars' who ordered coffee and a donut, drank 10 or 12 free refills, then tipped a quarter, because it was "only coffee and a donut" nevermind they were waited on for an hour or more.

(BTW, the link to the post didn't take).

9:23 PM  

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