Monday, November 07, 2005

An "Amazing" Analysis of the Paris Jihad

We start at blog Badeagle where proffessor David Yeagley, a strongly patriotic (pro-American) Native American, offers his call for Europe to again pick up the banner of a Crusader and challenge the enemy that now in their lands.

He includes this simple observation: (And shall we mention the fact that it is in the European countries that were not supporters of the Coalition into Iraq, that this rioting is happening? No rioting in America or Britain, for instance. How shall we interpret this?)

In his comments section someone offers an interpretation that has to be read to be believed (and even then it is unbelievable). The rioting is being caused and orchestrated by ...

... Jews.

He says "It is, of course, the "hidden hand" of the Jewish Neo-Cons, and their supporters, who are the "agent provocateurs," behind this. And, of course, it is not difficult for them to find disenchanted young "dupes" to play the "foot soldiers" role, just as occurred in America during the 60s and 70s, in the attempted Jewish-Bolshevik Revolution (an attempted repeat of the Jewish-Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917)."

He further adds "The three-part goal of the current situation of rioting in Europe is (1) to create/increase hatred for Muslims, (2) to, hopefully, get those countries in line with the pro-Israel element of the Middle East conflict, and (3) to get revenge on those countries for their foot-dragging in the recent American invasion of Iraq."

He says considerably more and gives initials for his name.


Blogger KnightofGoodMrIronMan said...

Has anything ever happened to muslims that WASN'T blamed of the Jews or the U.S? French socialism is a failure. The only question now is how bad will it get before the Frech reject it.

7:57 PM  

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