Saturday, November 05, 2005

Two Interesting Stories from Iran

The Iranian blog, Regime Change Iran is a blog I try to read daily. Today it is carrying two fascinating stories today which the bloggers translate from official Iranian news and then comment in English.

The first story is that the Iranian government, in celebration of its long ago occupation of the US embassy in Tehran, announced that "If necessary, embassies of other western countries can and will be invaded with that very same divine plan.” and also added “In the same way that the nest of spies was invaded [in 1979] and the U.S. was turned into putty in the hands of the revolution and our illustrious Islam, today the very same, can be repeated with the efforts of the Islamic revolutionary youths.” Direct threats were apparently made against the Italian embassy.

The second story involves workers who have not been paid for 13 months.

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi
A court in the town of Khorramabad (Province of Luristan) sentenced 6 protesting workers from the local refrigerator factory who have not received their wages for more than13 months to 4 months in prison and 20 lashes each. The workers were charged with “disturbing public order” after being arrested for blocking the Khorramabad-Andeemeshk road in protest and clashing with the disciplinary forces.

Ali Hamzeh-Sharifi, the head of branch 102 of the court of Khorramabad announced that the prison sentence will be suspended for two years as the workers were protesting on work-related issues.

It is important to add that hundreds of workers from the Luristan refrigerator factory have protested the non-payment of their wages time and time again. The 6 arrested workers were detained after the May 23rd protest that lead to the injury of many other workers who were brutally beaten by the regime’s disciplinary forces just for wanting to get paid.

I wonder if our unions will have any sort of solidarity with these workers. Probably not.


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