Sunday, January 22, 2006

What Good is an Unenforced Law.

In Michigan, and I assume most other states (and most countries), there are laws about sex offenders working in schools or with children. I would consider these laws sensible. The problem is that they are not being enforced.

According to the Detroit News, a name and birthdate check of 200,000 school employees turned 2,200 felons and over 100 sex offenders. Part of the problem is cost in that it costs $70.00 to run on a check on an employee and poorer school districts cannot afford it and some people looking for work cannot pay for it either. Normally I am against more state and federal funding programs, but I think this one would be sensible and really not all that expensive. I also believe it would be possible to bring the cost down somehow.


Blogger "Frankly Opinionated" said...

Hello Shoprat:
I found your site through our mutual friend the Caucsionally Challenged Christian. I am a Michigan Emigre, having had my fill of freezin' rain, Icy roads, and all the rust that goes with it. I am from the Genesee/Lapeer county line area known as Elba. finished high school in Davison.
To address this post- Child predators cause me to just go ballistic! What two consenting adults do, however repulsive, is fine with me. It is their right to mess themselves up. Kids- that is a whole new game. Wanna get pi$$ed? Go to my fellowette Floridian blogger at Florida Cracker- easiest found through Michelle Malkins blogroll. Scroll down til you see that one. I've e-mailed this teachers school without a reply to date. I believe that these creeps, these piles of excrement, should have their crime details tattooed onto their foreheads when they go into incarceration. Put 'em in general population, reduce the guards in their respective cell blocks and just go in later and clean up the dung. No mercy, none at all! I was a coffee-drinking friend of Miss Jessica Lunsford down in Central Florida. This a$$hole of a human that molested her is going to "testify against his partner" to avoid the death penalty. If only I could use the tattoo needles on his forhead, I would relish that scenario. I don't write much on this, especially when I am "Preaching to the Choir" because it raises my blood pressure too much. I pride myself on my restraint in most cases, but with this sort of dogpile, I complete control over my willpower. If I had the opportunity to put someone like this in the crosshairs, I would feel nothing more than recoil! Nothing at all !
Hit Florida Cracker for good stuff, and give me a glance at
I have an opinion on most things. Beware- I speak not PC but with utter honesty.

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