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Islamic Challenge -- Part III

Now to Question III. He wants to know that if God promised Abraham that he would be the father of a great nation:

"In the Old Testament, we read about GOD Almighty promising to create "Great Nations" from Ishmael, Abraham's first Son and the father of the Muslims:
Genesis 12:1-3
1 The LORD had said to Abram, "Leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to the land I will show you. 2 "I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. 3 I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." "

And he further says The quote "I will make you into a great nation" is quite interesting. How can GOD Almighty call the Muslims, who came from Ishmael, a "great nation" if they are as the modern Christians of today consider them to be "Satan's followers"? How can we be a "great nation" in the eyes of GOD Almighty if we are hated by Him?

His error is obvious to anyone with familiar with the Old Testament.

Here is what God Himself said about this.
(19) And God said, Sarah thy wife shall bear thee a son indeed; and thou shalt call his name Isaac: and I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant and his seed after him. (20) And as for Ishmael, I have heard thee and will make him fruitful and will multiply him exceedingly; twelve princes shall he beget, and I will make a great nation of him. (21) But My covenant will I establish with Isaac, which Sarah shall bear unto thee at this time next year. (Genesis 17: 19-21)

After Isaac was born and Abraham was about to turn Hagar and Ishmael out, God assured Abraham:
And God said unto Abraham, Let it not be grievious in thy sight because of the lad (Ishmael), and because of your bondwoman; in all that Sarah hath said unto thee, hearken unto her voice; for in Isaac shall thy seed be called. (Genesis 21:12)

It is clear that God blessed Ishmael as the son of Abraham but rejected him and his offspring as heir of the covenant, just like he chose Jacob over Esau (Malachi 1: 2-4).

Later God himself told Isaac "I will make thy seed to multiply as the stars of heaven and will give unto thy seed all these countries and in thy seed shall all of the nations of earth be blessed" (Genesis 26:4) This verse makes it clear that Isaac, and not Ishmael, was the heir of God's covenant.

Isaac had two sons, Esau the older and Jacob the younger. God again chose the younger son. He told Jacob the younger son, "And thy seed shall be as the dust of the earth, and thou shalt spread abroad to the west, and to the east, and to the north, and to the south, and in thee and in thy seed shall all of the families of the earth be blessed." (Genesis 28:14)

I could go on and on and on, but I think I have said enough. The Old Testament makes it clear that it is not the seed of Ishmael who would bless mankind but the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God loved Ishmael and blessed him, but chose to give the covenant to his younger brother and the descendants of his younger brother.

I make no secret of the fact that I do not consider the Koran to be the word of God; I believe it is the words of a false prophet who will answer to God for his lies and be held accountable for the millions who have been deceived by his deception.

It impossible for both the Koran and the Old Testament to be the Word of God for they contradict each other. It is impossible to believe both books are inerrant. If you believe the Koran then don't pretend to believe the Bible. If you believe the Bible you can't believe the Koran. It is the same lesson that Elijah gave the children of Israel on Mt. Carmel, believe one or the other because they can't both be true.

The blessings that our challenger claims for Ishmael rightly belong to Isaac and Jacob.


Blogger ABFreedom said...

Great analysis, and from what I've learned from LP about the Koran this ties right in. The Koran was indeed created by a false prophet, and will cause us a lot more grieve into the future.

10:31 PM  
Blogger armed_and_christian said...

I find Genesis 16:11-12 to be of particular interest here: "The angel of the LORD said to her further, 'Behold, you are with child, And you will bear a son;
And you shall call his name Ishmael, because the LORD has given heed to your affliction. He will be a wild donkey of a man, his hand will be against everyone,
and everyone's hand will be against him;

And he will live to the east of all his brothers.'

9:48 AM  
Blogger Tim said...

I am uncomfortable with citing Bible verses (or Koranic) to belittle the religion of another. Just curious, SR. You centainly seem to be an authority on the Bible, given your religious training. What does it say about Budhists, Hindus, etc.? Are they all condemned to eternal damnation and hellfire, as well as Muslims and Jews? I guess my vision of God is different. If God is love, why all of this damnation? I feel that murderers, terrorists, child molesters, etc., do deserve to burn in Hell, but what about someone who just has a different religion? Why would God allow untold Billions to burn in Hell when their only crime is to believe something other than Christianity? (For the record: I am a Christian, although not a dogmatic purist).

5:07 PM  
Blogger shoprat said...

It is not my place or perogative to let someone into Hell or Heaven, and I trust the mercy and justice of God. He will do what is right and fair, but I AM obligated to speak the truth who are now alive. Simply put, I am hesitant to say yes or no, because I do not know, and it is not ours to decide. I do know that Jesus said that only He can give eternal life; as far as those who through no fault of their own never heard the gospel, or saw it so badly presented that they could not accept it, well all I can say is that God will be fair and just. The scriptures do say that those who are enlightened by the Gospel and then reject it, for them there is no sacrifice left. Is this a cop-out? I don't think so; I think it is an honest answer.

5:37 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

And an honest answer is all one can ask for.

5:40 PM  
Blogger Lone Pony said...

Awesome post SR - I love learning from you. I also liked what A&C quoted: "his hand will be against everyone,
and everyone's hand will be against him;
And he will live to the east of all his brothers.'" That makes sense.

10:08 PM  
Blogger armed_and_christian said...

That makes sense.

Well, of course it does, honey. Truth is that which conforms to reality.

8:12 PM  

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