Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Thoughts On A Yahoo Story

While reading a news story on Yahoo concerning the Israeli-Hezbollah war, I noticed several things that struck me as odd.

A top Hamas official in Syria said Israeli soldiers held by Hamas and Hezbollah will only be released as part of a prisoner swap.

OK, lets not be disproportional, but one for one. Very proportional. Not that I would approve.

Arabs will insist on an immediate cease-fire and for the Lebanese government to take control over the militant Hezbollah at an international meeting to be held in Rome on Wednesday, Jordanian Foreign Minister Abdul-Illah al-Khatib said.

Let's let the chickens in the chicken coop take control of the fox as well.

Up to 200 Hezbollah guerrillas are believed to be defending the town, which lies about 2 1/2 miles north of the Israeli border.

Er excuse me but Hezbollah is not a bunch of defenders but a bunch of murderers. The only thing they are defending is their own skin and that town is their hostage.

"As soon as the war ends, you will find in us what we really are, pursuers of peace, seekers of peace, seekers of hope," Peres said. "There is not any conflict between Israel and Lebanon."

Sadly, the path to peace often leads through the valleys of war.


Blogger Gayle said...

I sure wouldn't want anyone defending me the way Hezbollah is "defending" Lebanon! Good grief, some people are simply nuts, Shoprat! It's absolutely maddening, to say the least.

1:14 PM  

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