Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Question For Islam

Out of this beauty comes murderous hatred.

David Yeagley is a man I greatly respect. A Native American professor who loves America and recognizes its greatness inspite of its troubling past and is also a devout and enlightened Christian.

He writes about how he first learned about Islam and how at first he respected its morality, romantic trappings and beauty but eventually saw what it really was. He writes with a respect for the Muslim believer but not for Islam itself. He challenges them with this question.

Sure, there are respectable people who say they are Muslim. But they are Muslim only at weddings, funerals, and important family functions. This is a social norm. This is beautiful. Muslims know how to be reverent.

So, why all the Satanic hate and murder? That’s clearly all it is. Satanic hatred and murder. What have you done to Islam? What has Islam done to you? The name of Islam stinks in the world today. You have made it so. Or, you have failed to make it not so. What will you do now?

From what I have read about the very beginning of Islam, it was all about war. Professing to be about peace, it provokes and incites war and war alone. It is a terrible lie.

Convince me that I am wrong, my brothers. Does your love for Allah make you want to kill me? Yes, or no? Are you a Muslim or not?

I too join My Brother in the Faith, David Yeagley, in asking them that question.

(His blog navigates a little differently, but the posting is To the Muslim Brothers, You Break My Heart.)


Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Well said!!!

9:55 PM  
Blogger ABFreedom said...

Good questions... you think he'll ever get a true answer?

10:07 PM  
Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy said...


10:18 PM  
Blogger Gayle said...

Exellent questions, but I don't think he'll get an answer. Their silence is beginning to sound like a bomb! Why do they not understand it makes them look like they agree? Could it be because they do? They'd better let us know where they stand sooner or later, because we are getting a bit antsy here.

Great post, Shoprat!

11:12 PM  
Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Islam was founded by an evil madman who wrote a book full of nonsense so how can Islam ever be good? It's flawed from the start. It was a religion of Arab tribes who spent most of their time stealing and killing each other. The sad thing is that it spread to non-Arabs.

3:34 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

Sorry guys, but condemning an entire religion is bigotry and I will always stand against that. I feel that our own religions violent past provides plenty of examples that are just as bad as the current batch of Muslim atrocities. The one mistake of Islam is that they have not rooted out the violent elements that hide behind the viel of religion to justify their bloody nihilism.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who dropped the nuc. bomb on Heroshima & Nagazaki ?? with millions of deathes??
who started first & second world wars with millions of deads??
What about different terrostic groups in the world (Japanise , german , spanish etc.( which all all christians )
Can we say that christian religion stinks and is based only on superstitions??
Prophet Mouhamed once said to his army leaders befor a war :( Do not kill a child , a woman or an old man or woman , do not kill civillians as long as they are not fighting you , do not burn a house or extract a tree , and if you are going to enter a city you must first warn its people so that you do not take them by surprise
compare this to what Israel is doing in lebanon??

Believe it or not

you know nothing about Islam!!nothing at all
and you know absolutly nothing about Prophet Mouhamed
we do belive in God , we do beleive in jesus ( as God messenger), we do believe in Moses(as god mesenger)

So why you hate something that you do not know??
Why do not you first make some decent readings about Islam befor showing all that unjustifiable hatered
why are you attacking a religion that billions beleive in it because of the acts of hundreds of criminals who are falling under the direct effect of many intelligence systems in the world
was it or not the CIA who raised Osama ben Laden ??trained him and financed him and made him a leader and a hero
why do not you understand that we our selves in Islamic countries suffered from terrorists that are hiding under Islam gown??
what about justice and peace that Jesus called for?? do you think that Christians did fill the Earth with them as Jesus said

please , just try to be fair
befor insulting Islam and prophet Mouhamed
And for your knowledge, Islam is a full system of life , Islam is the religion that answers all the questions in your deep minde simply and directly and give you a direct access to the great God who created the whole universe and give you a peace of minde
Islam is the religion that puts you in a harmony with the universe
Doctor Hesham Maged
Muslem from Egypt

5:32 PM  
Blogger shoprat said...

Dr Maged
I am being far more fair to Islam than many Muslims are being to Christians. I have read much of the Koran and some webpages written by Muslims and am totally unimpressed with them. I believe with all my heart that Mohammed was a false prophet and a liar. This does not mean I hate those who have been deceived by him, but I pray that God will have mercy on them for what they do in ignorance.

Jesus was more than just a messenger of God, He WAS and IS in His own person God's final message to man. An attempt to reduce him to the level of Moses and Abraham is seriously underrating Him and not giving Him the honor He is due.

Jesus took three of His closest disciples with Him onto a mountain northwest of Jerusalem and showed the disciples His glory. The prophets Moses and Elijah appeared beside Him and the Disciples were stunned, but then the two prophets disappeared and only Jesus was left and the voice of God Himself said "This is My Beloved Son, with Whom I am well pleased, listen to Him." (Matthew 17:1-8) You may listen to Mohammed if you wish but I will obey God and listen to His Son.

11:31 PM  
Blogger Howmuchdoiloveuisrael said...

Who said muslims want to kill u.go and visit the americani univeristy in cairo. i have been studying there. u will see how muslims are so close freinds to americans whatever thier religions.u will find so much peacfull people who smile at they see u.all u see in media is another part of the picture.i agree with u that there r terrorists overthere and bad people.but they r few.and u can't stand and say "they are bad people" untill u ask ur self why this minority bad people exists. there r much reasons. look muslims have a strong relationships between them.when they see those american soldiers who raped and burned iraqi girl their hate to american policies become more and more.liek any other people.and u said that terrorists want to kill u. ok . they started to kill muslims first.they hit egypt and algiria before they hit america!!!.about past !!, ok . all this wars and battles was a nissicty in those ages.don't forget that those communities in past not like ours now.enemies of muhammed wanted to eleminate islam and muslims (not like democratic societies now) they tortured muslims murederd them.muhammed tried to stop them peacfully. but they didn't he began to battle with them.but under a clear ruls of engagment. not like now mureder innocents in streets and subways... last word u have a good blog and if u want to know about islam u should join some scholarship in the american univeristy in cairo (AUC)
remmber, if u want to know about jews u have to visit juerislim
Thank u

8:20 AM  

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