Sunday, August 27, 2006

Great Lakes Loons?

Midland Michigan's new minor league team is apparently going to be called the "Great Lakes Loons".

The only paper carrying the story today is the Saginaw News which is a pay to subscribe website. Nope.

As far as the name goes, I rolled my eyes when they first called the Lansing franchise the "Lugnuts" and most of the people were groaning and shaking their heads, but by the time the "Nuts" went onto the field everyone loved them and their name. You don't diss the Nuts.

What I don't get is the number of teams that don't call themselves after the city. If you are the only team in the state, or the area described fine, but I would have prefered the name be "Midland Loons" or maybe "Tri-Cities Loons".

Update: Here is a link from Midland's Newspaper. Minor League Baseball is now at Midland Michigan


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