Saturday, September 02, 2006

Beyond Despicable

With the constant drumbeat coming from some quarters that our military is a bunch of "baby killers" comes real consequences.

A young military man was attacked by 5 [expletive deleted]s because he was in the military.

Gawfer has the story.

I cannot think of a horrendous enough thing to do to someone who would attack one of our own, on our own soil. I suggest they be targets at a military firing range but that would be two quick. Maybe they could be practice dummies for martial arts training.

Or maybe one of our real heros in Iraq needs an organ transplant and they are a perfect match. That would be the ticket.


Blogger Gayle said...

I pray that these idiots are caught and sent up for a long, long time! There will be a civil war in this country if this moonbat behavior continues to get worse, trust me! I'm not sure it would be such a bad thing, either! :(

11:50 AM  
Blogger Massachusetts Republican said...

Dude, that organ tranplant comment is harsh!

I like it!

1:06 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

Gayle, maybe then we could string you up, too!
SR, I agree that it is wrong to beat up on these Army soldiers for the decisions of their government.
They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
You are getting a little carried away with your anger though. As a Christian, you should pray for them to see the wrongness of what they did and make amens.
As things go steadily worse for the Decider, I have noticed your position becomes more dug in.
The worse things are going for our troops in Iraq, the more you call for yet another adventure in Iran.
We cannot solve all of our problems by pointing a gun at them.
This is not how Christ would want us to confront these challenges.
It is easy for men our age to talk about running around and bombing everyone who disagrees with us, we will not be doing the dying. It is up to us to solve these problems without resorting to military confrontation. How many more of the flower of our youth must be cut down for a useless goal that has no chance of success? We will never trnsform Iraq into a Shining Example of Democracy in the Middle East. The very reason we are having problems with Iran is that they see that we can't cope with the mess we have on our hands now!
Pray for Peace.

2:30 PM  
Blogger NEO, SOC said...


What was with the comment to Gayle? You come off as some "peaceful" solutionist; however spewing hatred yourself goes unchecked. You condemn others for harsh words but never choose to repent for the very hard words you use. Then you pull the Christ card everytime. And usually when you pull the Christ card; your extistential application is extremely awful and your pragmatic interpretation is pretty incorrect. Even, Jesus understood that there were times for war and peace. Also, remember; Jesus has the same nature and mentality as God the Father. So, the same God who commanded Israel to clear out Canann is the same God who died on the cross for our sins.

But, what was the overarching theme through Canaan (modern day Middle East)? Wipe out those who have violated God's moral laws who do not accept the opportunity in good conscience to repent. So, this means that your frolicking through the forest, flower-carrying Jesus is the wrong interpretation. Isn't it interesting that Jesus turned over the tables twice before chastising the temple whores?

All this said, to outline the fact that Iran is more emboldened by people like you and the msm who denegrate the hard work of true patriotism. Do you remember what the name of your avatar is? Captain Appeaser? No! Captain Empathizer? No! Captain America!

I am so glad that we were able to diplomatically separate ourselves from the Brits in 1776. That tea and crumpetts luncheon in Boston was another effective solution of "talking" things out. What about 1812? Wow, those email correspondences were quite effectiive in winning the day. You're right, let's keep talking about things and being diplomatic while tryants like Hussein need at least sixteen (16) resolutions to disarm (and enough time to hide his WMDs).

10:03 AM  
Blogger Tim said...

Neo- As for Gayle, she is the one advocating civil war not me.

I see you take the Ann Coulter view for solving our problems in the Mid-East: Convert all the Arabs to Christianity or put them to the sword. Somehow, I don't think that was what Jesus had in mind. All that stuff about "Love thy enemy" and "turn the other cheek" and "walk the extra mile" does not seem to suit your belief system.

Iran is not emblodened by me or the MSM, they are emboldened by the amatuerish prosecution of this war in Iraq and the neo-con's inability to mount any kind of serious diplomatic pressure on N. Korea, and most of the world refusing to get onboard with their ridiculously half baked policies and ideas. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. If Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld really wanted to show Iran that we are serious about winning Iraq they would be doing what it takes to win it. Do you really think that we pose any credible threat at all to Iran when our military is doing so poorly in Iraq? We could have done a lot of things to win there, and should have earlier. Now, it is too late. That ship has set sail. I could list several thing that could have been done, but it is all water under the bridge.

Captain Empathiser? Well, maybe if we had a little more empathy with people from other parts of the world, we would not be going it alone on so many issues confronting the world today.

Captain Appeaser? Iran will do what it wants to do and we have no way of stopping them from getting a bomb. Like it or not, no one has annointed the USA to be the ruler of the world. Hell, Pakistan has many bombs, and is a lot more unstable than Iran, but I don't hear any cries to bomb them. Many Pakistanis living in England just got arrested for plotting to blow up planes. 15 of the 9/11 terrorists were from that other "staunch ally" Saudi Arabia, whose citizens are enjoying safety in Pakistan. Pakistan is hosting our real enemy in the War on Terror, Al-Qiada. Sure, they round up a few token underlings while Bin-Laden and co. enjoy freedom to plan more attacks on us and Afgahnistan. The Taliban hits us and runs across the border of Pakistan where we can't follow. Sounds like Viet-nam all over again. We know where they are but can't touch them. Who is the Appeaser?

Neo, the world has changed in the last 200 years, and the wars of that period will be as nothing once nuclear bombs start to fall. The stakes here are much higher, and I for one am ready to talk. 70% of Americans are for ending this war, so I'd say that yes, I do represent America and the main stream more than the neo-cons who feel that the solution to every problem is either another bomb or a tax cut.

2:32 PM  
Blogger ABFreedom said...

Neo pretty much summed it up for me... Captain America seems to be way out in left field some where. Especially with his comment to Gayle.... that was just wrong. String someone up and then spew out about tolerance?... talk about the hypocrisy of the left.

5:43 PM  
Blogger shoprat said...

No sane person wants this war but we have no other options except surrentder, which is unacceptable. Peace is simply not on the table right now. It is not an option. I would much rather live in peace and do not want this war, but unfortunately we don't get everything we want and get a lot of things we don't want. My Grandfather's generation rose up defeated the Nazis and their allies, our generation (post Vietnam) was fortunate that nothing happened during our time. Sadly the generation after us must do what our Grandfathers did. It is not my choice for them, but it is reality. I have a nephew whom I love very much in the Army and I don't want to attend his funeral, but if he is killed I will not blame Bush; I will blame the Jihadists who forced us into this war. If they had simply been willing to live in peace with other religions, and let the religious diputes be done with reason and good deeds, instead of murder and mayhem, it would not have been necessary.

5:44 PM  
Blogger NEO, SOC said...

"Love thy enemy" and "turn the other cheek" and "walk the extra mile" does not seem to suit your belief system. Tim, I love you man! LOL! Now that the fun is over; let's go one by one on this:

"I see you take the Ann Coulter view for solving our problems in the Mid-East: Convert all the Arabs to Christianity or put them to the sword. Would I honestly like to see everyone a Christian? Most of course. However, Jesus said that everyone will not choose to follow. Let me clarify the concept of convert or die: "That was in the Old Testament (see Genesis to Malachi)". Yet, Jesus says that if people reject your offer; "WALK AWAY"! Interesting that it's not the same for Islam; but the MSM fails to mention that bit of important information.

"they are emboldened by the amatuerish prosecution of this war in Iraq. To some extent; I will agree with you on that; and that is we should take off the white gloves and start opening up a can on the terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan and whereverelse (new word) these vermin will be. Now, it is too late. That ship has set sail. I could list several thing that could have been done, but it is all water under the bridge. That's my problem here. Of course mistakes were made; but do you think the kids going in or that are already there need to hear us denegrate them with this. There are many out there "SCARED TO DIE" but are serving and I believe that while people have the right to an opinion; some comments are better off not said. Hold your public negative comments when it's over.

Well, maybe if we had a little more empathy with people from other parts of the world, we would not be going it alone on so many issues confronting the world today. Damned if you do and damned if you don't! I can't stand this nonsense. It is utterly stupid to ever believe that the world community will like us. We're rich, technologically advanced and many other countries resources fall way short of us. So, ENVY begets them and they carry on even though we have the most to contribute around the world. Our supplies are sufficient but no values? The world wants the red, white and blue PIMP, but not his values? So, if we back off of relief efforts like the tsunami, India, Africa and other places; then we'll be too arrogant to help out. Straw argument; next!

Iran will do what it wants to do and we have no way of stopping them from getting a bomb. Agreed! However, don't you think something should at least be tried? Are you ready of World War V? Like it or not, no one has annointed the USA to be the ruler of the world. Agreed, yet we have been anointed the world rescuer. How many times are we FIRST to arrive with humanitarian relief? How many organizations based out of the United States of America are sending missionaries and the such to other Third World countries? The Gates foundation came from where? Oh yes, EVIL America!

"either another bomb or a tax cut." Guess what, you can blame the administration all you want; but Bush inherited this war from the guy who was too busy getting blown by Monica to turn around and blow up Bin Laden. More jobs lost because of the inherited slumping economy; yet never do you hear anything about the job improvement rates. More minorities own homes under Bush's administration, yet he is too evil! Common on now! Does he ever do anything right? Plus, if 9/11 happened under Clinton administration, that would be everyone's excuse for him; but there are no allowances for Bush. That's where I feel the communists in this country are off base. I am not completely content with some of the decisions of this administration; but this blame game nonsense accomplishes nothing. If the dummakrats win in '08; all their failures will be pointed back to Bush and they will attempt to escape culpability. And they will be first to disarm America and let the UN come in and turn this country upsidedown. Look at Arnold's bill passed last week which was created by the Democrats in California. That state represents the rest of the country if the dems take over; no more human rights. I am not ready for that and I believe that 99% of America isn't either; but they don't know that that is the impending danger if the wackos take over.

7:28 PM  
Blogger gawfer said...

Shop Rat,

The biggest problem we face is convincing the left like C.A. that there is evil in the world, and they seek to eliminate all who do not call on the name of Allah.
Further, they must realize that they/we are in danger right here in middle America, right now.

C.A. as his liberal head burried in the sand of peace and tranquility, and has clearly forgotten the events of September 11, 2001, when they (terrorists and countries that support terrorism) brought the fight to us. We weren't looking for a fight, but when we got hit, our President decided to fight back instead of run away or negotiate.

He stated "Whether we bring terrorists to justice, or justice to the terrorists, justice will be served". And baby, we're serving it!

as far as the National guardsman goes, organ transplant wouldn't be a bad idea for the punks that did that at gun point. He didn't even have a chance to defend himself. Where was 'Captain America' then?!

7:54 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

Neo- If we were TRYING to win, or had a plan to win, don't you think Bush would have more support? "America loves a winner, and they won't tolerate a loser" (Patton), our problem here is that we are approaching our forth year there and things seem to be getting worse by every measure. Let's win, I agree! I don't see anything Bush is doing to do it. Let's bring back the draft, send in another 250,000. Bring back the 55mph freeway speed limit. Let's increase taxes to pay for the $6 BILLION a month that this is costing us. Let's go in there and get Al-Qaida whether Pakistan likes it or not. None of this stuff was done, and therefore W. and co are going down in flames.This is why I say we can't win, because he will not make the hard choices. He is fighting not to lose. He is not fighting to WIN.
Iran has more influence in Iraq than they ever did under Saddam. Now you want us backing another new war started by this incompetant man? No, I don't think so!

Gawfer-I am not a liberal, as you state. I am a veteran. I have not forgotten 9/11, I just see no reason to be in Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. I am for going after Al-Qaida, which we have ignored because of our Iraq adventure. Just overthrowing the nearest Arab country because we feel like it is not winning us any friends in the region, in case you haven't noticed. Do you advocate all out war with every Arab country? Where was I when the soldier got assaulted? Where were you? what is that comment all about. I said they should be prosecuted and punished. In no way did I defend what they did, I merely pointed out to SR that he was letting his anger get the better of him. Look, I understand that you all are angry that this war is going badly. I am angry that Bush is allowing this totally incompetant strategy to continue and has not made the tough choices. Now, the best we will be able to do is get out and "proclaim victory" like we did in Viet Nam, even though Al Sadr and his boys will do the same thing the ARVN did after we left there, which is is switch sides. "We will stand down as soon as the Iraqis stand up" sounds like "Viet Namization" to me. Blind support of W. just because he is a Republican is not loyalty, it borders on stupidity.

9:25 PM  
Blogger gawfer said...

"Do you advocate all out war with every Arab country?"

I advocate all out war against every country that supports terrorism period. That just happens to be a great number of Islamic based countries right now.

"Look, I understand that you all are angry that this war is going badly."

That is your opinion clearly based on MSM bias and not fact.
We knew from the onset that this war was going to be a long term commitment, and it is typical liberal philosophy that "says if it doesn't happen quickly, then it must not be right and we should cut and run."

I am not a Bush is god type of dude, and am also disapointed that things don't happen as fast as I'd like, but that is war. To judge President Bush or Sec Def Rumsfeld or anybody else under these circumstances is arrogant at best, simply because there is no text book that tells us what to do when people have no fundamental value for life and are willing to blow themselves up to make a point.

Furthermore, our enemy is cunning and intelligent. They are able to adapt and overcome, which makes life very difficult for the typical foot soldier.

Criticism is a week and unthoughtful process the tends to divide rather than build up. If you got ideas, put them out there. You'll catch more flies with honey than with lemons.

I too am a Vet, and have served my country with pride. And would reinlist in a second if called upon, though I am over the age limit, and way over the weight limit.

Go Navy!

1:22 AM  
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