Friday, November 24, 2006

One of Them Talks

I remember when I was a Sophmore in college and one weekend in November Jim Jones and all his followers drank cyanide laced grape Kool-Aid in Jonestown in one of the worst mass suicides in recent history. It was horrible, especially for the small children. He did it to himself and his followers for whatever god (I'm sure it wasn't the Christian God) he worshipped. So much for the Peoples' Temple.

One thing that I have never read in the Scriptures or in the life of any Saint was for a person to be commanded by God to commit suicide. As far as martyrdom goes, if our path of service leads us to death, we go forward willingly and accept it, but we do not go out of our way looking for our own deaths. Our God is a God of life, not death.

One thing that Jones did was he brainwashed his followers into accepting the possibility of suicide, including at least two suicide drills.

Now we all know that certain Islamic Sects are doing the same thing, except they push a suicide that will take others with them. World Net Daily has an interview with one such young man who dreams of being a suicide bomber.

I'd like to comment on several of his statements.

We are regular but far from being wealthy. I share my bedroom with my brothers but now there is less pressure because last summer one of my brothers was married and moved to live outside.

Please note that it is not poverty or despair that is driving him to do this.

Allah gave Muslims the possibility to gain their prize and payment in different ways. There are those (Muslims) who pray and fast only and respect Allah's commandments, and there are those who wish a higher prize. And the highest prize is given to those who scarify themselves, their lives, their bodies and everything in this world.

There are also Christians who seeks the higher calling, but they do so by living lives of sacrifice not killing themselves. (Philippians 3: 12-14, Romans 12:1 [please note the words living sacrifice] ) It is much easier to die for Christ than it is to live for Him, and yet that is what He wants us to do unless death is brought to us from others.

The goal is satisfying Allah and his instructions. No money interests, nothing. No brainwash, no pressure; it is my decision. All the other lies are pathetic Israeli propaganda.

No brainwashing huh? I find that difficult to believe.

The Jews stole this holy Islamic land and we must fight them, but I am looking to receive what waits for me in the next world.

The Jews did not originally "steal" any land. When Israel was re-established in 1948, it was comprised entirely of land they had bought and paid for. The Arabs tried to steal it back, and in the resultant battles, Israel took more land. It was taken in a conflicts started by the Arabs. If the Arabs had let the Jews keep the land they lawfully purchased, Palestine might exist today with Jerusalem as its capital.

You and I, we do not discuss Allah and the Quran. I will tell you more the moment that I will explode myself when there will be one dark-eyed virgin who will carry up my soul to the sky.

He is in for a horrible suprise when his soul is greeted and God demands an accounting of his life. His "martyrdom operation" will be of no help to him then. He will learn that Mohammed was a false-prophet and his religion is made by men, and then it could well be too late for him. Satan will laugh in glee as he gives his life up and gets nothing in return. God will grieve for a child forever lost.


Blogger Gayle said...

"God will grieve for a child forever lost." Exactly, Shoprat. No brainwashing??? They brainwash them as small children, and begin doing so even as young as three-years of age.

I read the entire article you linked to, and even some links from that article, in an effort to try to understand what happened. I guess I'm just incapable of understanding it, because I would never pledge my life or the lives of my loved one to any cult, and that's what this turned out to be. From what I read Jones started out with good intentions and did a lot of good works for socially deprived people, especially in SF and Los Angeles, but as time passed he even stopped all religious services in Jonestown, except when visitors from the outside were present; by then he saw himself as their god, and that's where they went wrong. It is hard to believe that his forcing people on the Planning Committee to have sex with him, both females and males, while at the same time claiming to be "the one true homosexual" didn't seem bizaar to these people. He clearly went out of his mind, just as these kids have been brainwashed out of theirs.

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Blogger lilfeathers2000 said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen to that Shop... The instant they commit this so called martyrdom or even simply just die, they are introduced to the true almighty father... At least most civilized sinners know of our God, Jesus Christ and of the Holy Ghost so it's not a real big surprise; but you gotta believe when these Muslim nut jobs meet him they know they screwed up big time and probably wish they could warn the rest of the 1 billion out there worshipping Islam. "They're right- the Christians are right!, they'd say." To late...

The Jews will one day soon recognize Jesus Christ as their savior that is promised...

9:33 PM  

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