Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Vote McCain

The Know-it-alls are screaming loudly that he can't possibly win and that the GOP should just pack it up and go home and acknowledge that they screwed up so badly that they must never win again.

Yes and give the world over to the twin cultural diseases of Socialism and Islam. Then we can take bets on which one triumphs in the end, but either way it would be the beginning of a new Dark Ages.

McCain is not my first choice, or really even my tenth or twelfth choice. I was really hoping it would not be him. However, when it comes to politics, there is great validity in the term The Lesser of Two Evils and it seems I have been voting that way since Reagan.

The American Spectator Online has an article by Bruce Herschensohn, a man who supported McCain from the beginning. While I can list people I would have rather seen in this position, in the end I will have to vote for McCain for exactly the reason Mr. Herschensohn gives:

When I hear the recitation of issues that are used against John McCain by any conservative, I can't help but answer that we are in a war against those who announce their objective is "Death to America!" They mean it. Wars are either won or lost. If we lose, then all the second-tier issues will be decided for us by an Ayatollah, an Imam, or a Mullah.

All I could add is that he needs to look at the border as well. I believe we can have peace with Islam, but only when the Jihadists understand that we are not going roll over and play dead; we will fight for our freedom. The Jihadists will never accept us but they don't accept most other Muslims either and it is these people we need to defeat. McCain is more serious than Obama about defeating them because McCain realizes that mere talk is not enough and that diplomacy works best when backed up by the very real threat of very real force.

As one former president said, "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

(By the way Teddy Roosevelt did not make that proverb up but he described it is an old African proverb. )

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Blogger Tim said...

I think that it is absurd that there are right wing nutjobs out there that will throw away their vote on the likes of Bob "Borat" Barr, the liver lipped ex-congressman from Ga. I also think that the Far left kooks who are throwing away their vote on Nader are even worse.
I probably will vote for Obama, but I am still undecided. A lot of what will inform my decision on whom to vote for has yet to play out. Mainly, it's going to come down to how either of these men will help our state. McCain's free market medicine for the big three will be like poison for our state's signature industry. We can give away billions to the oil companies, bail out Bear Steans, but the auto companies are left to die on the vine because Republicans (even some who live in this state) are hell bent on crushing the UAW and labor unions in general, no matter how much damage and pain that they inflict on Michigan's economy.
Also, I do not feel that we are locked in a death struggle for our very way of life with radical Islamists. If that were the case we would tell all the TV reporters to go home and kill as many of them as needed to get them to beg for us to stop and leave them be. We are only in Iraq because of a family vendetta between the Hussein's and the Bush's. That and the oil that we will eventually get. Afgahnistan (and Pakistan) are where the bad guys are. That whole "We are fighting for our way of life" is a bunch of garbage and Americans are figuring that out. There is nothing to fear but fear itself.
Right now this is Obama's election to lose. He still could if he picks the wrong VP or falls on his face in the debates.
BTW- we have beaten "socialism" already. I have a picture of me from 1984 standing by the Berlin Wall. It's gone now.

11:11 AM  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Tim: I'm sorry you'll vote for Obama but as both Shoprat and I believe, everyone needs to have the freedom to express their views and thoughts. I see Islam and Western Cultures in a "boiling frog" fashion. All I know is that I do not wish ANY aspect of their religion mass-introduced or forced into MY country. And I believe you are wrong about Socialism. It is alive and well in the United States and other western cultures, and growing. US politicians cannot see nor appear to have no appreciation for history, particularly with regard to Europe today. Even Canada.

Shoprat: I will vote for McCain.


1:35 PM  
Blogger Tom said...

Socialism is alive and well. Ideas, unlike walls, are not easily destroyed. [By the way, I have pictures of the remains of the Berlin wall just a few weeks old - parts of it are still up.]

Obama is slowly revealing his true thoughts and character. Listen carefully to his speeches with an open mind - the number of reversals, clarifications, and fumbles are increasing.

I did see where Congress is voting (or has voted) on an economic package that includes limited help to the automotive industry.

One thing that is both disturbing and refreshing about McCain - he speaks his mind, and doesn't always toe the party line. Maybe that is what we really need.

2:08 PM  
Blogger Gayle said...

Just knowing who Obama's past associations have been would be enough for me. Rezko, Ayers, Wright, etc.! A real rat pack for sure. I don't see why any American would vote for him. Actually, real American's wouldn't. He belongs to the hate America crowd!

2:19 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

Gayle- McCain was one of the Keating Five. So he is not lilly white, either.
I really am on the fence as of now. Yes, I am leaning towards Obama, but there are a lot of ways that he could lose my vote.
I just have such a bad taste in my mouth over how our state has outright punished by Bush and co., that I want to see some help from DC, we have gotten nothing from the federal government. We are a "donor" state. This means that more of our taxes flow up to Washington than flow back to us. Texas pays less to the feds than they get. So Gayle, I can understand why you like the status quo. Heck, if I lived down there I'd probably feel the same way. Still, saying that I'm not a "real American" because I might vote for Obama is ridiculous. Shoprat- I just read that there are 24 million vets alive in America. Add to that the roughly 2 million active duty military and that's 26 million people who are alive today who have answered our nation's call. I would say that regardless of whom we vote for that we proudly claim the title of "Real American". We are the roughly 8% who have served so that the other 92% living here (like Gayle) can question our patriotism.

BZ & Tom- I put "Socialism" in quotes because the way that some people on the right use the term sounds like Marxist/Leninist Communism. Now that's something that I believe nearly all "Real Americans" can agree has no place in this country. Realistically, though the "social welfare state" is here to stay. "Conservatives" realize this and seek to retard it's growth. I think only far right reactionaries seek to get rid of all social structures of government like the public school system, postal service, unemployment insurance, etc. So my politics fall, I think, slightly right of center. That is, I'd like to preserve the good stuff and get rid of some of the bad. When the super rich start paying their taxes and put the common American back to work, we can talk about trimming the social safety net. Giving them tax breaks to send our jobs to (Communist) China isn't cutting it for me.

6:19 PM  
Blogger typicalaveragejoe said...

I am so tired of having to chose between the lesser of two evils. I think it is time that a Typical Average Joe ran for president.

Why must it always be the career polititions and legal professionals who run? Show me a candidate who is living in the trenches, buying groceries and gasoline, fearful of losing his/her job, etc. I want someone who lives like we do. Someone who knows what effects their decisions can have on the public in general.

10:48 PM  
Blogger shoprat said...

The Keating 5 was one of the reasons I didn't want McCain, but I feel that Obama's connections are at least as bad if not worse. Sadly it is impossible to get a genuine saint in the White House, or Congress or probably any major government office. While dismantling the welfare state is unrealistic, preventing its growth and we need to find and implement the means of judging between genuine need and simple laziness.

taj Thanks for visiting. Tired of it yes but sadly there is this little thing called reality that we need to bow to. The time for choosing the candidates was the Primary season and not enough of us voted to get a proper candidate.

8:33 AM  
Blogger shoprat said...

And while we're not in a death struggle with Muslims as a group, there is a HUGE minority of them that is determined to destroy us and we are not getting a lot of co-operation within the Islamic Community at large (probably because of fear.) These people have the intent to kill as many of us as possible and that includes you if they can. Once we demonstrate we mean business we get co-operation and we start winning.

9:45 AM  
Blogger Z said...

"I believe we can have peace with Islam, but only when the Jihadists understand that we are not going to roll over and play dead; we will fight for our freedom" They're licking their chops for Obama's stances of talking and reasoning...believing they don't REALLY mean us harm!

You're right, shoprat, that mustn't happen or they'll know they've got us.

As for SOCIALISM, my husband is from Europe and loves America and can't quite figure out why, since Europe's trying to shed the yoke of Socialism, America's eagerly embracing it with Obama's stances "robbing the rich to pay the poor", etc etc etc. Our media doesn't tell us that Germany's been begging their citizens to buy private health insurance because the country can't afford to pay anymore! That wouldn't be a good thing for Americans to know now, but they've been asking this since Schroeder...I'd have thought that some pretty worthwhile information since Americans are always saying "We need FREE HEALTHCARE LIKE GERMANY!" (plus, it was never free...it's 15% ON TOP of normal, very high taxes!)

A vote for Obama is a vote for socialism, in so many ways; it's a way of thinking, a soft, appeasment kind of bowing to the UN, talking to despots who want us dead, thinking they'll put nukes away if WE DO (WHAT? they're counting on Obama, right?)...I could go on, but what's the point. Most of us understand this.

I'm no fan of McCain, but the more I hear, the better he sounds...especially when considering Obama as president.

11:02 AM  
Blogger benning said...

I'm voting for McCain. Period.

11:05 AM  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Listen to the MSM/DEM: Obama is completely trouncing McCain on every level. And it is a self-fulfilling prophecy, a concept that greatly influences, for example, Wall Street. If you fall for that then WE will fall. If you hold to your guns then McCain does in fact have a chance. And Tim, you are correct (and again, it's refreshing to have an actual dialogue instead of a knife-throwing match), you have to listen closely to what Obama is saying and therein lies the rub, as I believe YOU realize already: WHO actually LISTENS CLOSELY to what anyone says, any more?

I would, I think, enjoy a viable Third Party but there exists no such animal that I can yet come even remotely CLOSE to embracing at this point; therefore, in my estimation, I vote for McCain as he more CLOSELY mirrors my philosophies.

But in truth? This is nothing new; in all of history NO ONE ever gets the political philosophy that precisely mirrors one's own. There will ALWAYS be a lesser of evils -- that is the nature of people. I agree with Shoprat, however, in terms of the DISTANCE that McCain places himself from Conservatives, and still places an (R) after his name.


2:26 PM  
Blogger shoprat said...

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10:21 PM  
Blogger shoprat said...

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3:54 PM  
Blogger shoprat said...

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6:47 PM  
Blogger shoprat said...

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6:47 PM  
Blogger shoprat said...

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6:47 PM  
Blogger shoprat said...

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6:48 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

McCain had a very good weekend in California answering Rick Warren's questions. Obama, on the other hand, did poorly.

11:39 PM  
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