Thursday, September 04, 2008

Not A Lot To Say

So much is being said about Sarah Palin right now and I can't really say anything that isn't being said elsewhere.

I just have this to say


It does bring back an old memory. It was back in '70 or '71 when the Detroit Tigers were a rather mediocre team and my younger brother, my older cousin's husband, my Dad and myself were at my cousin's home in Saginaw watching the Boston Red Sox clean the Tiger's clock (again). The game was well underway and the Red Sox had jumped to an early lead as the score was 6-1 or 7-2 (The Tigers were down by 5 runs whatever the score was). Then the Tigers managed to load the bases and up stepped a slugger named Willie Horton (not to be confused a certain much less worthy man who who just happened to have the same name and was associated with Dukakis). Now Horton was a pretty heavy hitter and the next thing we knew he was circling the bases in triumph and Tiger announcer George Kell was yelling


(A statement I may have quoted before.)

A Grand Slam by Willie the Wonder had put the Tigers back in the game. They were still down by one run but the momentum had shifted and they went on to win.

Right now I feel the same way I felt as I saw that slugger circling with bases with three more runners crossing home ahead of him. We still have an uphill fight but something has changed.

There is an odd thing about a grand slam though. One player, no matter how good, can't do it unless the rest of the team sets them up by loading the bases. I think that has happened.

Update: 09/05 Mona Charen has used similar terminology in her NRO Article:

Together McCain and Palin have changed the game. They have seized the mantle of reform and dare the Democrats to show anything comparable. In this worst of all years for Republicans, it no longer seems fanciful to imagine that they can win.


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