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Is our society guided too much by our feelings and not enough by our brains? I have mentioned before that I was at one time fascinated by dreams and their interpretations. When I was 20, 21 or so I read two books by Dr. Ann Faraday called Dream Power and The Dream Game, which by the way are two of the most useful books in the study of the content of dreams that I have ever read . . . so far as the study of dreams go. Her social, moral, and philosophical content, however, was nonsense. Simply put she said that our inner conflicts were born of a struggle between the topdog (which is enforced on us from the outside and seeks unnatural control of us) and the underdog (which is our natural self that is good, wise and, as far as she is concerned, almost infallible.) She came right out and said we should stop thinking with our heads and start thinking with our hearts and you will live longer and be happier. Oh such sound advice. Listen with your heart, you will understand. Or so said Grandmother Willow in the movie Pocahontas. Of course you should listen to your heart because it does catch things that the mind misses but veto power belongs to the head, not the heart. Also keep in mind what the Bible says: The heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick, who can understand it? (Jeremiah 17:9 NASB). To completely trust the heart is to trust human nature, and we all know where that leads.

Listen with your heart, think with your head, and you will more than understand.

I guess this kind of goes with the idea that you have to use both faith and reason to see clearly, as one or the other by itself will lead you astray.

On a much more serious note Atlas Shrugs has some very troubling videos taken from hidden cameras inside an American mosque and what she hears is troubling. It includes a seven year old girl referring to her husband. We don't tolerant pseudo-Christian sects when they practice polygamy and especially child marriage - why should we tolerate it from other religions? The fact that they are from the 3rd world is irrelevant. If they want to live here they need to live by our laws.

Also take a look at DG Counter Terrorism blog. It's worth while.

And it's Thursday so how about a memory. This goes back to when I was six or seven years old and I used to watch it religiously. Can you guess which Star Trek character was based on a character from this show? (supposedly by some accounts.)

What can I say? I was six years old at the time.


Blogger Average American said...

That's what makes liberals, they only listen to their hearts, their BLEEDING hearts!

12:09 AM  
Blogger christian soldier said...

I've found that making decisions using 'feelings' bring about poor outcomes...
Thank you for the Atlas Shrugs link and the Space Angel vid-I have never seen Space Angel...

12:16 AM  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

About that mosque in those audios over at Atlas Shrugs....

I'm willing to bet that more of the same goes on in various mosques here in America. Because mosques are religious buildings, very rarely does law enforcement investigate inside the facilities. And when private parties do manage to conduct investigations, the authorities generally don't want to intrude because of the religious aspect.

Historically, mosques have been fortifications and ammo dumps.

We're playing with fire here in America by having all these mosques in the first place, particularly with more and more imported Wahhabists.

8:07 AM  
Blogger Ducky's here said...

The video is just the sound, as these kids are in tremendous danger and the undercover person inside needed to hide the camera deeply.


But here at "Atlas Shrugged" we've vetted this to make sure it isn't a scam.


9:00 AM  
Blogger Z said...

I'd heard nobody could get into a mosque unless pretty much vetted...the muslims say "they're too holy for outsiders"..ya, so "Holy" they allow people to shoot from inside mosques to KILL. They have such a different viewpoint on anything that's good and right, it's no big surprise that they'd allow the horrible stuff you discuss in your post, is it!

4:32 AM  

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