Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sexual Scandal in Michigan

Mike Cox, our State Attorney General has admitted that he committed adultery years ago. The story has made headlines in today's Detroit News. Under most circumstances a confession, contrition, and a change in life would put this behind him and he and his wife can go on, as they should. But this one has a twist. The nightmare of Michigan, the notorious Michigan attorney, Geoffrey Fieger, who is running for the office of attorney general has supposedly attempted to blackmail him.

I personally believe this will hurt Geoffery Fieger more than it will hurt Mike Cox. Fieger is a very controversial character here, and when he ran as the Democratic candidate for governor in 1998 against John Engler, lifelong Democrats found themselves endorsing and voting for the Republican incumbent rather than this nut whom they considered an embarrassment, as this 1998 CNN report states.

I suggest that Geoffery Fieger go to France and defend the rioters, and leave us alone.


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