Tuesday, November 08, 2005

You must read this Article - The True Cause of War and Peace

Once again, the American Thinker comes up with an amazing article. The article is called French Lessons, by Jonathan David Carson and it is a study on the true causes of war and peace. To some it up, war happens when both sides believe they can win a conflict and peace happens when one side or both believe they cannot win. The best way for America to be at peace, according to this, is for no one to have a reasonable chance of defeating us, or as that T-shirt logo says "Peace Through Superior Firepower."

It demonstrates how the "Peace Movement" tries to prevent wars by making us believe we will lose, while ignoring (or pretending to ignore) how that only encourages those who want to make war on us.

He draws alot of his discussion from the book The Causes of War by Geoffrey Blainey.

It also discusses how belief in Free-Will vs Predestination (in a general sense) may influence this. The Moslems believe they will win because God has predestined it and this is their source of confidence that they will win. Unfortunately that means we are also fighting against a faith, and faith is very hard to defeat. The only way to defeat them is defeat them so soundly that they will lose their confidence that God is on their side.

Christians have the advantage here. Our Founder (and Lord) was a martyr who died willingly and turned apparent defeat into victory, so neither victory nor defeat marks Divine Favor. I don't know that this is even possible in Islam.

One point I do disagree with Geoffrey Blainey on, and that is people will fight a hopeless battle, if they believe in something greater than themselves that is worth dying for. Remember the Alamo?

That is both our greatest hope and greatest danger.


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