Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Winds of Change Blowing in Europe?

A couple of years ago Germany's Schroeder and France's Chirac were the darlings of our MSM for their opposition to George Bush in general and America's liberation of Iraq in particular. One of them (Schroeder) is now out of the picture and Chirac appears to be in big trouble.

Of course the MSM did all it could do to avoid talking about Chirac's people being on Saddam's payroll and now Schroeder's corruption is plain for all to see. According to this Washington Post story he has accepted employment by a Russian Conglomerate controlled by a former East German KGB operative; he championed the interests of this outfit while Chancelor of Germany.

The French President, Jaques Chirac, personally needs to stay in office for another reason. Right now he is immune to prosecution for his misdeeds because he is president and he can and probably will be prosecuted when his presidency ends. Those who hate Bush were celebrating a few weeks ago when his numbers dropped but Chirac's numbers are in the midden of the outhouse. (Last June his approval rating was at 24% and I have seen no sign of a major increase.) His most likely, but far from certain, successor is Nicolas Sarkozy who is an ethnic Hungarian born in France. Sarkozy seems seems on the surface to be more competent and honest, but I am not so sure he is economically libertarian enough that I would ever enthusiastically support him. Of course this is France so my thoughts on the matter are irrelevant.

Either way, it looks as if the American surrender monkeys have lost one European ally and may soon lose another. Let's hope so.


Blogger Crazy Politico said...

All those wonderful Europeans turn out to be scummy corrupt politicians. Gosh, imagine that. I mean, they are the same folks who propped up Oil for Fraud so they could line their pockets.

9:37 PM  
Blogger jonathan even-zohar said...

Sarkozy and the National Assembly's French support for 'a positive' view on colonial history is disgusting for me. For me this puts France next to Iran and holocaust-deniers...People have too much fear for interpretation of the past,

4:38 AM  

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