Sunday, July 30, 2006

Just A Dream

Ordinarily I would not post a dream, but this one is etched hard into my mind as if it had really happened.

I am at work and I walk over to the loading dock (which faces to the south) and gaze outside. It is drizzling and the sky is threatening a major storm. Due south I see what is clearly a tornado. I go back in and tell my co-workers to come look. M says "I know, it's a tornado." and I think how would she know? Several of us go to the loading dock and now several tornados are visible in the south-east. They are going to miss us. I feel grateful but am desperately gazing at the southern horizon for any more headed our way.

I do have serious concerns about my employer's future but I am still hopeful, yet concerned. The dream obviously reflects this concern. It did not occur to me in the dream, but I now realize the Tornados would miss my plant but would still pass through and ravage the town I live in (which is situated east of my plant where the tornados were headed.) We have lost a number of factories in the last couple of years and jobs here are virtually non-existent.


Blogger Ebyjo said...

I dreamed of tornados for years, and I am a Christian, so I feel I can share this with you.

I dreamed many years of tornados. Over and over again, night after night the tornados plagued me. They danced around my town, around my home. I always grabbed my children and ran for cover but I wont ever forget the dread of the dreams. Nor the intense dread I felt as I woke up.

It took about 3 years of them for me to realize that I always had the dreams anytime I was uncertain about issues. Maybe the dreams were a mirror image of my emotions. I often went through very tumultous and emotional battles. The dreams would preceed the problems by a few days up to a week. I felt like I would face disaster, and I felt like I would face destruction. In the last 3 dreams, I could feel the winds trying to pull me into the tunnels. It was very frightening.

I would hit my knees in prayer, crying out to God to help me. One night, after I had a dream, I woke up and went to God. "Why do I keep having the dreams? I hate them God, I don't want them." IT was then, that I heard a whisper, "You can rebuke the storm, and the winds and it will obey you." I did. I rebuked the winds, and the storm and told it that it had no hold on me. I have not had a dream like that in years.

Tornado's represent destruction and a loss of control. You can speak to the storm. You don't have to let it destroy anymore.

God bless and remember, God is in control!! :-)

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