Monday, August 14, 2006

Sigh, Another tag

Time to get to TomC's tag.
The MEME of three.

1... Things that scare me.
a. A devestating attack on my country.
B. Leftists winning the next election
C. George Soros

2...People who make me laugh
.a. Da Yoopers
B. Peter Sellers
C. Jeff Foxworthy

3...Things I hate the most.
a. Arrogance
B. liars.
C. freeloaders.

4...Things I don't understand.
a. How anyone can be an Atheist
B. How anyone can stand to harm another for their own pesonal gain
C. How anyone can intentionally hurt a child

5...Things I'm doing right now.
a. answering TomC's tag
B. eating a banquet frozen dinner
C. Listening to Patti Page, the Millenium Collection

6...Things I want to do before I die.
a. Go into space, preferably to the moon
B. translate the entire Bible from the original Greek and Hebrew
C. Write a book fit to publish

7... Things I can do.
a. Read Greek and Hebrew.
B. I am very fast, though not quite lightning, calculator.
C. Cook very well

8... Ways to describe my personality.
a. Quiet
B. Contemplative

9...Things I can't do.
a.Hit the broadside of a barn from the inside with a bow and arrow
B. fix a car (mental block somewhere)
C. sing

10...Things I think you should listen to.
a. The Bible
B. Mellow up lifting music
C. Your conscience.

11...Things you should never listen to
.a. Rap or Punk
B. The Network News.
C. The UAW

12...Things I'd like to learn.
a. Arabic.
B. Machine Language for Computers
C. Japanese

13...Favorite foods.
a.slow roasted and stuffed, or bbq chicken
B. properly prepared tacos
C. Rare and juicy steak

14...Beverages I drink regularly.
a. caffeine free Diet Coke.
B. Diet Dr. Pepper.
C. Orange Juice

15...Shows I watched as a kid.
a. Lost in Space.
B.The Avengers.
C. Combat

16...People I'm tagging
The first three people to read this are officially tagged. If in doubt post. heh heh heh.


Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox said...

This was fun. I'm a sucker for these things so I may have to do this one.

1:32 AM  

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