Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Our Country. Our Truck"

Chevy trucks has announced their new add campaign for the 2007 Silverado and I must say I like it.

The ad, with original music by John Mellencamp, centers on an American truck made by Americans for Americans pointing to patriotic icons and the realities of America today.

I favor buying American-made products whenever possible (and actively avoid Chinese made products as far as it is reasonably possible). It would benefit a lot of Americans if others would as well, but I DO NOT believe that anyone should be legally compelled to buy or limited to American made products.

The way to do it is not to ban foreign products but to encourage Americans to buy American products by positive means. That includes quality products at a reasonable price. That means making Americans aware of the economic consequences of buying non-American goods. That means presenting American-made products in a very positive light.

Where the unions and I part is this; I do not believe it should be legally mandatory.

On a side note, Walmart bashers list the number of Chinese made products being sold there in their litany of complaints. I was at Meijers (a regional chain in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin) which is a union shop, and I noticed a lot of made in China there as well but the unions don't complain about that as much. They are also everywhere at the local TrueValue hardware store and our local K-Mart. Yet only Walmart is taken to task on it.


Blogger dons_mind said...

i'm a ford guy myself..always have been...it's a family thing..dad worked for ford for 62 years at the same dealership! so it's practically genetic! besides i really do like my F150....

it's always easiest to go after the big guy (walmart)...they're always in the press for something..much easier target than say truvevalue or ace or even kmart for that matter....

9:22 PM  
Blogger Gayle said...

I believe they go after Wal-Mart only because libs have a one-track mind. They can't concentrate long enough to become diverse. They will lose focus if they spread their limited brain power too thin. Neither am I trying to be a smart *ss, I really do believe that.

3:41 PM  
Blogger Skip said...

Just keep in mind... a bowtie don't make a suit.... Just what is "American Made"?? We are hauling supplies into a new Toyota plant down in Saline.. but my Ford is from Canada and Mexico?? hhmmmm..
As far as WalMart, people need to get over it.. how much of this is back by "competition"?

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Seth said...

Heh, I remember when I was a kid, they used to say, "Ford has a better idea, but Chevy has a better car".

I once had a Dodge Colt (20+ years ago) whose parts came in large part from Japan. I only learned this when I ordered a new master cyllinder to replace one that had gone kaput -- perfect timing, I ended up doing an obstacle course of sorts in an emergency detour through a hangar full of drones at Roosie Rds.' fighter squadron, LOL -- and it looked nothing like the one the car came with.... And the instructions were in Japanese only.


A more than significant amount of the campaign against Wal-Mart is union originated, and their concerns are not about the rights and/or wellbeing of employees of the giant retailer, but strictly about the megabucks dues revenues they aren't getting.

Since Democrat politicians are bought and paid for by unions, they rail against Wal-Mart to please their masters.

8:03 AM  

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