Saturday, January 20, 2007

Awards for 2006

I don't know if it's official or not, but the . . . we get awards for

Smoking a cigarett while your skin is completely oiled in flamable medication.

Disassembling a Rocket Propelled Grenade with brute force.

A professional electrician repeating Ben Franklin's famous Kite experiment.

Last year's Darwin Awards have been decided. Don't know if it's official but it is tragically funny.

I have known a few people who came close to earning the honor. We had a plant manager who climbed up to the top of an operating press and got his backside crushed between two gears; the press operator found out he was up there when he heard a loud scream. I also had a young neighbor who had an "erotic escapade" with a calf that almost left him . . . non-functioning. Fortunately I do not know anyone who has been killed by their own stupidity.


Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox said...

These always amaze me!!

12:57 AM  
Blogger BB-Idaho said...

Knew a ballistics engineer who aspired to shoot an AR-15 full auto in the indoor range. The rapid recoil made it rise; the
bullets started hitting the iron
wall above the tunnel window; a
ricochet hit him in the forehead.
One wonders if concealed carry can apply to brains?

4:11 PM  
Blogger Gayle said...

Oh good grief! That site you linked to also told of a priest who thought he had to prove he could walk on water! He drowned because he couldn't swim... It doesn't get much dumber than that! *sigh*

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if they will ever have Darwin of the decade or century ... I personally don't know anyone that was killed by exercising intentional stupidity.

8:44 PM  
Blogger Lone Pony said...

These things amaze me! I had to say that because I would have felt guilty if I had said they amused me!

8:45 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

Aw come on LP, it's okay to laugh. Don't ever give up the chance to smile or laugh.

6:40 PM  
Blogger shoprat said...

bbi Did he survive or did it do him in?

abf If they ever give a "Lifetime Achievement Darwin Award" I will nominate that neighbor kid who let the calf "nurse off him" because he has done so many stupid things it is miracle he is still alive, like the time he tried to get high off an entire bottle of stolen water pills.

lp I have to agree with Tim on this.

gayle sad but true.

7:42 PM  

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