Friday, May 25, 2007

France Gets It

It wasn't that long ago that we mocked the French as cowards committing cultural and ethnic suicide, and at the time it appeared that was the way France was determined to go. The last few weeks have been a series of pleasant surprises as the French people appear to have faced reality.

First the elected Sarkozy as their new president.

And now Sarkozy is getting tough on immigration. He has said no to amnesty for illegal immigrants and is willing to pay immigrant families to go back to the countries they came from. (H/T Little Green Footballs and FrontPage Magazine) The amount is about $8000 American. Hopefully this will cause some of the problem people to go back to where they can live by their Sharia law.

Such a scheme would not work in America. We'd pay them to leave and they'd leave, briefly, come back and we'd have to pay them to leave again. France at least has the right idea this time around. Immigration is a good thing when it improves the lives of the immigrants and the well being of their new country. When one or the other fails to profit from the immigration then it's a bad thing.

We are not an ethnically monolithic country which makes it all the more important that we have some degree of cultural and philosophical unity. There was a time when Americans feared the Irish, Polish, and Italian Catholics yet these people have integrated into this country and have made many positive contributions to the country as a whole. They fit in because they wanted to fit in.

The same could be said of the Chinese and Japanese who settled on the west coast in the last century. Once they integrated they became a positive addition to the country.

It all goes to personal freedom balanced by personal responsibility. A philosophy of any sort that does not embrace this is what is contrary to America's growth and survival.


Blogger BB-Idaho said...

As regards "Irish, Polish, and Italian Catholics..", it should be noted that they were legal immigrants. To understand the French, we need consider their horror at the great loss of life in WWI, their internal strife between far right and left shortly thereafter, occupation by the Naziz, DeGaulle, the mess called
Algeria, their ample supply of nuclear weapons and cutting edge
science. (Not that I understand them, either)...

10:46 PM  
Blogger jack rensimer said...

Hi Shoprat,
"yet these people have integrated into this country and have made many positive contributions to the country as a whole. They fit in because they wanted to fit in."
This is the operative idea, as you have indicated.
Indeed, we have the problem today, of many coming in the 'back door' and not wanting to fit in as Americans...
I agree, this will have a negative result.

7:14 PM  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Assimilation is everything. Those who refuse to assimilate, lawfully, deserve nothing.

France may have turned the corner; Sarkozy is not quite as "right" as people think but certainly moreso than his predecessor.


1:42 AM  
Blogger Gayle said...

It's just good to see France finally waking up, Shoprat. Let's hope they remain so! Now, if only a miracle would happen and Americans would wake up!

Off topic... somehow my LAN connection is mysteriously back. I can't figure it, since those folks took the weekend off, but I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. :)

2:35 PM  
Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox said...

France has woken up for awhile, let us pray they continue in the right direction.

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Seth said...

Sarkozy's election showed that the French are waking up. If France's ministerial elections echo their presidential election, as opposed to electing the usual socialist suspects, they'll have a great opportunity to get their country on track -- to deal with the problems engendered by previously unchecked Muslim immigration and to consign the majority of their socialist policies to the circular file.

It's ironic that while France is suddenly becoming acquainted with realism, the powers that be here in the U.S., blatantly ignoring the will of the people, are cheerfully enabling a tidal wave of illegal and indifferent immigrants to rape our country.

3:43 AM  
Blogger pete in Midland said...

legal immigration has been and can continue to be a positive force, especially given the birthrate of successful people. Statistics still show that, as net worth goes up, childbirth goes down. Fortunately, those on the right of center seem to be a little less enchanted with no children (or adopting publicity from other countries).
Legal immigration strives to ensure that people with needed skills are accepted, and - as a rule - those people who get accepted this way become Americans under the old melting pot ideal.
Illegal immigrants, however, generally have little or no skills and end up as a net cost, instead of a net benefit.
Whereas France welcomed the "guest workers" to do the grunge work so that "polite society" wouldn't have to sully their hands ... AND because they needed workers to pay taxes so that the expensive social experiment could continue ... the USA did NOT formally, or generally, welcome the lawbreakers from south of the border.
Everyone seems to be saying that we can't deport 12 million people ... but we SURE cannot solve the problem until we STOP further criminal invasion, AND at least try to start sending the worst ones back. THEN we'll know if it's truly impossible ...

11:12 AM  

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