Sunday, September 16, 2007

Been Busy - - - - Pointless Post :-D Emoticons

We are familiar with so many of them
;-) :-) :-( :-D :-O

However while going through some old documents I found a 35 page listing of them.

Some of them are cool but pointless.

[:-|) ( Frankenstein's Monster)

0:-) ( Angel or Saint)

/\o/\ (Spider)

:(=) (Jimmy Carter)

(O)| (Deep sea diver)

Some are elaborate and fancy

@}--)----)---- (Rose)

:----} (Liar like Pinocchio)

__m_oo_?__ (Captain Hook spying at the wall)

...---... (SOS)

[I==I) (On four wheels)

or perhaps humorous:

.-( (Should have worn safety glasses )

{:-} 8 X (Female wearing chastity belt)

My personal favorite
------w--OuO--w------- (Kilroy spying at the wall)

Of course some were obscene or inexplicable. But it was an interesting document. (It was E-mailed to me years ago.)


Blogger benning said...

Here's getting mooned:


Or farted at:


8:47 PM  

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