Friday, November 11, 2005

Booker Rising on Gun Control

The well-written and thought provoking blog, Booker Rising, has an excellent posting on minorities and the Right to Bear Arms. They are primarily commenting on the decision in San Francisco to severely limit legal gun ownership and how it will affect San Francisco's poorer black communities. What raised my eyebrows was this statement:

What is ironic is that gun ownership is the lowest in black neighborhoods, where crime disproportionately takes place. So San Francisco's law-abiding black masses - the ones who haven't already fled the city, since this 'progressive' city saw more black flight than any other city last decade - will be defenseless while a tiny thug minority (who will always acquire guns) rips and roars in many communities.

A reply in the comments section clarifies a little bit: Many gun crimes aren't committed with legally registered guns in the first place. So this measure is without merit.

Booker Rising is a blog worthy of thousands of hits a day. There is also a picture of a woman holding an automatic weapon with the posting that kind of says it all. I wanted to post it here but I am not sure of copy rights and that picture.


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