Thursday, June 22, 2006

Anything to Keep Us From Voting On It

Mayor Kilpatrick of Detroit does not believe that we should be allowed to vote on certain issues, like affirmative action. There is going to be a ballot question this year that would make most discrimination of any type, including the discrimination that is misleadingly labeled "Affirmative Action" illegal. Say what you will about it, affirmative action is simply discrimination going the other way, and it is every bit as immoral and it should be every bit as illegal.

According to today's Detroit News, hizoner is suing Ward Connerly, the California businessman who feels, as a black man, that affirmative action is an insult. He says that Connerly lied to people claiming that Mr. Connerly told people that the initiative would protective action and tricked them into signing a petition that in fact said the opposite.

a) What sort of fool would sign a petition without first reading it? I do not doubt that there are some that do, and some petition gatherers may have misled people, but I seriously doubt that it is the standard procedure of most of the signature gatherers and would have been no more than a few people; not enough to change the outcome . Someone who would sign a petition without reading it is probably too dumb to be allowed to vote.

b) If the majority of Michiganders are against this, then it will fail on election day. If it passes then it obviously had enough support that it belonged on the ballot. Mr. Kilpatrick is simply trying to stop us from voting on an issue that he does not want changed.

c) The Supreme Court of the United States needs to settle this by banning all forms of discrimination based on race or gender in the public arena. The Constitution forbids discrimination and affirmative action IS discrimination.

Right now it is too close to call on how the vote will come out, but we deserve to be allowed to vote on this.


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