Thursday, October 05, 2006

Why Isn't This On Every American Editorial Page?

The ever-brilliant Dr. Sanity has once again come through with a link that needs to be read.

The Jihadists are afraid that they are losing the war on terror.

Granted the situation described in the letter before Zarqawi's accidental martyrdom courtesy of the American military, but it is intriguing to read. Note what was written in the letter:

"The path is long and difficult," Atiyah writes, "and the enemy isn't easy, for he is great and numerous, and he can take quite a bit of punishment, as well." Atiyah's assessment seems to be a major change in tune and tone. Previous al-Qaida documents touted the Clinton administration's withdrawal from Somalia as the template for American action.

As long as our government doesn't fall into the hands of appeasers and cowards, WE CAN WIN THIS.


Anonymous Roger Thornhill said...

We ARE winning. Of the 18 provinces in Iraq, 15 of them have no insurgency. The insurgents are only operating in the Baghdad Sunni Triangle area of the country.

The despicable media would have us believe the whole country was in flames.

That's simply not the truth.

We have to stay in Iraq anyway, or Turkey in league with Iran would overrun Kurdistan and steal the oil, as Saddam did.

Beware the mainstream media, which is neither mainstream or media.

For a closer and truer assessment of Iraq, Israel, Iran, try DEBKA

A fascinating site run by ex-Mossad personnel.

4:13 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

Yes, we can still win this, but not with our current gameplan, I'm affraid.

8:29 PM  

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