Friday, August 10, 2007

An Honorable Muslim in Danger

Yes there are Muslims with a sense of honor and decency.

And there is a price for such honor and decency to be paid at the hands of the Jihadists.

Mohammad Sarwar, Labour MP for Glasgow Govan since 1997, was the first Muslim to be elected to the House of Commons and he demonstrated his loyalty to his religion. He is now declining to run again in the next election because of death threats from his fellow Muslims.

What did he do?

The story is in the link above and I do not wish to write it out but the long and short is that Kriss Donald, an innocent 15 y/o Scottish boy, was kidnapped and tortured to death by 5 Muslims for no clear reason other than he was an infidel. Three of them fled the country and Mr. Sarwar, to his credit, legally pursued them, pushed for and got their extradition. What has happened since in his own words.

“Life is not the same since I brought them back…I received threats to my life, to murder my sons, to murder my grandchildren…I was told they wanted to punish my family and make a horrible example of my son… they would do to him what they did to Kriss Donald.”

Please note that these death threats do not come from "right wing racists" and "British Nationalists" but his fellow Muslims.

Mr. Sarwar
You are a good and honorable man and deserve a better religion than Islam. You need to think about that. I suggest you read the words of Issa bin Allah; they're in the New Testament. You might be surprised at what God is really like.

H/T a comment at Jihad Watch.

It's also sad that whenever a Muslim does the right thing he or she faces death threats or death. Just ask Anwar Sadat.


Anonymous kip152 said...

Wow. You are absolutely right. Also, Sadat was a great man.

3:42 AM  
Blogger Donald Douglas said...

It's interesting, this question of moderate Muslims. I'm no expert, but doesn't the Koran call for the elimination of infidels? That's a hard point to evade for any Muslim.

10:22 AM  
Blogger ChrisA said...

What's sad is they have strong-armed a person of integrity out of office.

11:32 AM  
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