Saturday, December 24, 2005

They're Looking for NUKES fer Crying Out Loud!!!!

Well our oh-so-loyal MSM is giving away another one of the surveillance methods the feds are using to protect us. It seems they are using equipment to detect radiation levels at know Islamic sites to detect possible nuclear weapons, and God Forbid!! They are doing so without search warrants?

US News and World Report has the story. (H/T Drudge Report)

When will we these people understand that these monsters want to KILL US!!!!!

**Sigh!** I can see it now.

Attorney: Your Honor, These fascists took my client's nuclear bomb away from him, not only illegally but following an equally illegal search. The fact that he had an atomic bomb is irrelevant. They have absolutely no proof he intends to use it!

Judge: I am forced to agree. The state must return the defendant's property.

I am forced to consider the author of the article, David E. Kaplan, a traitor along with the editors US News and World Report for publishing this. Don't they understand that the survival of our country is at stake?


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