Saturday, June 24, 2006

They Miss the Point

A column in the Toronto Sun by Shiela Copps complains that tax-freedom day in Canada comes too soon because Canadians are not paying enough taxes. They have been seduced by American Neo-cons into the taxes-are-bad-for-you myth.

She proceeds to point out a few problems that Canada has because of inadequate funding. True and almost everything she points to is valid, but she overlooks a very important fact. A lot of government spending, on both sides of our common border, is wasted. Pork and entitlements, the twin curses of modern politics, consumes far too much of our federal and state (or provinicial) budgets. Both are nothing more than political bribes designed to buy more votes for the politicians. If she wants more money for legitimate uses, then she needs to tell her government to quit wasting money on pork and entitlements and quit asking the over-taxed citizens of any country to pay more.

H/T Let Freedom Ring.


Blogger Lone Pony said...

"A lot of government spending, on both sides of our common border, is wasted."
Amen Shoprat. I've also seen how high the taxes are in Canada. No wonder they lose so many of their capitalists to the United States.

9:35 AM  
Blogger Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Not surprisingly, when Sheila Copps was actually, you know, in government, she was responsible for some of the most wasteful and unnecessary of government programs: as the Minister of Canadian Heritage, her job basically entailed overruling a National Parks development plan that met the qualifications by her own ministry and was approved as required by the actual residents of the community, and keeping nasty American magazines from running ads from Canadian companies. She also gave away $45 million dollars worth of Canadian flags to people who would just as soon spit on them than fly them. This was her own department, under her own personal control, not even thinking about all of the other government wastes that she would sometimes end up publically defending (ie. the missing billions in the HDRC scandal, the gun registry overruns, the Sponsorship Scandal, etc.)

5:34 AM  
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