Monday, March 10, 2008

Mar 10, 08

Two stories out of today's Lansing State Journal caught my eye and interest.

The first was about a delegation from Lansing's sister city in China (I didn't even know they had one!), Sanming. I note that they discussed trade. This had better more than Lansing importing from Sanming. I want to know what Sanming is going to import from Lansing. It had better be something. China has got to start importing more American goods period.

Secondly two political groups are being harassed at Michigan State University.

Conservative groups at Michigan State University, under investigation for months for alleged violations of the university's anti-discrimination policy, have begun to question whether that investigation has political motivations.

One involves a mess that happened when people from the Minutemen tried to speak and leftists tried to shout them down resulting in a few arrests. (Now the protesters are complaining because they were arrested and shouldn't have been because those "racists" should not have been allowed on campus.

Of course the administration of the University is denying that there is a real problem. But they always say that if the complainants are conservative or GOP. Only liberals and Democrats have valid complaints in these peoples' eyes.

My suggestion. Campus groups that investigate harassment for philosophical, political and religious reasons should be exactly evenly divided between conservative/traditionalists and liberal/"progressive"s.


Blogger Gayle said...

A comment lifted from your first link: "Are they looking at all they have taken from Lansings residents! Or are they looking to see what's left to take with the administraions help! NAFTA SUCKS! SOLIDARITY FOREVER! Hey GM, keep them away fron the Delta Plant they may want to take that back to China too! Needless to say, I agree.

Regarding the second subject, of course it's politically motivated. I didn't let my daughter attend any college in the US because of the BS going on. Instead, we sent her to a technical school, as what she was interested most in was computer graphics anyway. That school in Phoenix actually had rules and a dress code. Can you even imagine it? Walking around campus where the students looked presentable and were polite was like going back in time!

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